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Waste Prevention

Reduce Household Waste & Clutter

Reduce your household clutter! This flyer provided online resources to help you reduce, reuse and recycle. Please call vendors to confirm load restrictions, hours of operations, fees, etc.

NEW!  Reduce Household Waste & Clutter flyer (PDF) 

Recycle More. It's Easy to Do

This is a great website to learn about recycling in your home and work. Information provided on outreach campaigns such as:  Recycle More Media Campaign, One Less Bag Challenge, Bag you Bags, Bring 'em Back, Best Workplaces for Waste Prevention & Recycling, Neighborhood Challenge, Project Driveway, Recycling Superstar Contest, Spring Cleaning...all year round! and much more.

Waste Prevention

Waste prevention means not creating the waste in the first place. It's a simple concept... If you create less waste, you consume fewer resources and don't have to spend as much money to dispose of your waste. Individuals and businesses can often save a significant amount of money through waste prevention.

Waste prevention means reusing things, instead of buying new ones. It also means reducing. For example, you can get off mailing lists to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive, or you can buy products with reduced packaging. Reducing toxics in products also is waste prevention.

Waste Prevention from King County

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Phone Book Opt-Out

Telephone books represent significant tonnage in the waste stream (660,000 tons per year). Thanks to a national effort spear-headed by the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI), the phone book industry has now created an official national website where consumers can easily find out how to opt out from phone book delivery: Yellow Pages Association Opt-Out website.

Reuse/Sharing Tool Library

The City of Federal Way, Zero Waste of Washington and a group of community members are working together to help bring a tool library to Federal Way. A tool library is like a regular library, but with tools and equipment instead of books and magazines. Sound interesting? View more informationlinks to external site

King County EcoConsumer

An EcoConsumer balances consuming and conserving. Find information on:

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