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Event Recycling


Effective 2007, Washington State law requires vendors and organizers for festivals, sports facilities and official gatherings to provide recycling containers for their events. See RCW 70.93.093 for complete language. A recycling program must be provided at every *official gathering and at every sports facility in communities where recycling services are available to businesses.

*Recycling is required at any event where authorization to hold the event is approved, recognized, or issued by a government, public body, or authority, including but not limited to fairs, musical concerts, athletic games, festivals, tournaments, or any other formal or ceremonial event, during which beverages are sold by a vendor or vendors in single-use aluminum cans, glass bottles or plastic bottles.

Items that are required to be recycled are: aluminum cans, glass bottles, & plastic bottles. This regulation saves money on landfill costs and cuts down on energy and greenhouse gas use in the manufacturing process.


If you chose to work with a recycling service provider for your event

Find a local provider in Auburn to rent containers. Locate the area your event will be held on the Auburn Provider Map (PDF) map and contact the appropriate provider below:

If you chose to self-haul for your event

  • You can utilize your garbage and recyclables containers on-site. Obtain written permission from the property owner prior to your event. Property owners may charge you a fee to utilize their containers.