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Auburn BenchMarks

benchmarks_logoBenchMarks is a City of Auburn program that showcases local community transformations of benches throughout Auburn during the summer. We invite all members of our community to sit, relax, and enjoy! Previous locations and details listed below, and on the StQrylinks to external site phone app. 


The Green River College Carpentry Departmentlinks to external site
fabricated the wooden benches.

ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS NOW FOR 2018 BENCHES! View more information and application.

2017 Benches

benchmarks_auburnnoonlionsBench by:  Auburn Noon Lionslinks to external site
Lead artist: Julia Wood 

Location: Auburn Golf Course (29630 Green River Rd. SE) 

Auburn Noon Lions is a community service organization,
welcoming all men and women in our area to join us as we live the Lions motto "We Serve."
We help individuals in need and support charity organizations through our donations and work projects.
We are serious about our mission, but it is done with a sense of fun.

Meetings: Every Tuesday Noon to 1:00 PM at Longhorn BBQlinks to external site

benchmarks_pencilBench by: Auburn Riverside High Schoollinks to external site Auburn School District Faculty Gina Sandland and Chris Miller

Location: Les Gove Park Playground (910 9th St. SE)

Sit upon larger than life pencils to ponder the real meaning of art (even a handy holder for your beverage!)

ymcaBench by: Auburn  YMCAlinks to external site Teen Programs  
Location: Game Farm Park (3030 R Street SE) (Bench will be near baseball fields)

Participating youth at the Auburn YMCA lent a hand to create this fun bench. 


benchmarks_kiwanisafteroonBench by: Kiwanis Club of Auburnlinks to external site Afternoon
Lead artist: Mary Ellen Bowers
Location: 1 Main Street Plaza (By Gosanko Chocolates)

Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world, one child and one community at a time.
Meetings: Each Thursday at noon at the Longhorn Barbecue
located at 635 C St. SW, Auburn, WA 98001

benchmarks_centerfortheartsBench by: Interurban Center for the Artslinks to external site
with Maple Lawn Elementary

Location:Auburn Police Station (340 E. Main Street)

The Interurban Center for the Arts (ICA) has a long and valued history in our communities. With 30 years of experience in arts enrichment development, the ICA serves elementary schools in seven school districts within 14 cities and helps schools bring monthly arts appreciation classes to students.
benchmarks_mountainviewBench byAuburn Mountainview High Schoollinks to external site
Auburn School District Faculty Cary Davidson
Location: Lea Hill Park (Lea Hill Road and 124th Ave. SE)

Splattered colored paint is the backdrop for inspirational sayings from figures throughout history in this bench by Mountainview High School students.

muckelshoot indian tribeBench byMuckleshoot Indian Tribelinks to external site Youth Program

Location: Sound Transit Plaza (23 A Street SW)

The United States recognizes the Muckleshoot Tribe as a tribal successor to the Duwamish and Upper Puyallup bands from which the Tribe's membership descends. 

benchmarks_seeyalaterBench bySee Ya Later Foundationlinks to external site
Lead artist: John Curry

Location: Auburn Valley Creative Arts Gallery (226 East Main Street)

The "See Ya Later" Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that began out of the inspiration of a 12 year-old boy who died of cancer. Scott Banke had a zest for life and a courage that motivates the mission of the Foundation which is: Inspiring Youth ~ Encouraging Families. 


suzyFountaine_benchmarks_webBench by: Suzy Fountaine
Location: Auburn City Hall Plaza (25 W Main Street)

Veteran's Day Parade - November 7, 2015 - Celebrating 50 Years!


morning_kiwanis_benchmarksBench by:  White River Valley Museumlinks to external site
Lead artist: Rachael McAlister
Location: White River Valley Museum

About Sandy:
Sandy has been a beloved figure in Auburn for over half a century. Originally sitting in front of Massey's supermarket on East Main Street, this ten cent ride delighted a generation of children. Sandy now resides in the White River Valley Museum and if you are not taller than her ears you can still enjoy a ride on this piece of Auburn history!

Want to learn more about Massey's?
Watch our Auburn Our Storylinks to external site, a short documentary on this super supermarket called!


Bench Auburn's Historic Downtown
Lead artist: Michael Taskey
Location: Brannon Park (1055 28th Street NE - Near trailhead)

With inspiration taken from historic photos of Auburn’s historic main street artist Michael Taskey recreated a miniature main street. 


benchmarksBench: Auburn Valley Humane Societylinks to external site
Location: Roegner Park Dog Park (601 Oravetz Rd SE)

Created by the Auburn Valley Humane Society, this bench invites visitors to take a seat amongst four legged friends. Notice, that each of the pets are also licensed!


BenchmarksBench: The Auburn Food Banklinks to external site
Location: Auburn Public Library (1102 Auburn Way S)

Created under the leadership of local artist Mary Ellen Bowers, the local middle-school Builders Club participated in the painting of this bench.  Using a variety of iridescent paints, the landscape holds the overflowing basket of food, while letting people know that donations to the Auburn Food Bank indeed do make a difference.


BenchmarksBench: Pacific Ballroom Dancelinks to external site
Location: 2 West Main Street


When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.  It's to enjoy each step along the way.