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Downtown Sculpture Gallery

The City of Auburn's Downtown Sculpture Gallery showcases six outdoor sculptures in various sizes and types for anyone and everyone to enjoy!

Vote for your favorite and be part of the decision of which artwork may be purchased and stay in Auburn!

Are you a sculptor? Apply to participate in the 2014-15 Downtown Sculpture Gallery today! Direct link to the CaFE™links to external site application site. Full illustrated prospectus can be downloaded (PDF).

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Watch the 2012 Artist Interviews Auburn Downtown Sculpture Gallery Video





Hare by Dan Klennert
Found Metal
89.5” x 24” x 45”
Purchase Price: $8,500

1st ST NE and N Division ST
Downtown Auburn

From afar, artist Dan Klennert’s found object sculptures are remarkable for their scale and realism, but looking closer one can see the utilitarian objects in which the sculpture is made… a rake, a saw blade, a shovel. Klennert’s sculptures are fun for audiences, evoking grins and double-takes from everyone who sees them.
Artist website: www.danielklennert.com


Origami #2 - Fuchsia by Ken Hall
Folded, bent and welded steel
10’9’ x 6’x 6’
Purchase Price: $9500

B ST NE and Main St
Downtown Auburn

Origami folded flowers made from sheet steel are poised above graceful stems that interweave and soar into the air as part of Origami Fuchsia. Artist Ken Hall, aims to delight and create artwork with energy, balance and unity if form where everything belongs and nothing is missing. Artist website: http://www.solsticestudio.com


Watch My Tail by Patricia Vader
Powder coated steel and aluminum
6.5’ x 3’ x 2.5’
Purchase Price: $8000

A ST SW and Main ST
Downtown Auburn

Following the "unbearable lightness of being" concept to trump life’s heavy side, the artist Patricia Vader strives to make art that is imaginative and exciting and filled with motion and light. Her artwork always represents something from the living world, however transformed or whimsical, which establishes a connection with the viewer.
Artist website: patriciavader.com


Organic by Jennifer Ellsworth
Recycled Steel
100” x 30” x 8”
Purchase Price: $8000

B ST NE and Main ST
Downtown Auburn

Jennifer Ellsworth, as a recycled metal artist, explores junkyards and scrap yards for materials that no longer have a purpose in order to remake them into something beautiful. The artwork Organic transformed an old water tank into a natural plant-like form with a colorful and textured surface.
Artist website: www.fairyforge.com


Feather by Kris Vermeer
Stainless steel and steel
6’4” x 18” x 18”
Purchase Price: $3500

Auburn Way S and Main ST
Downtown Auburn

Artist Kris Vermeer’s steel Feather sculpture explains that "Feathers hold great meaning to me, a source of wisdom and inspiration and a marvel at how something so light can be so strong. This sculpture is tribute to the Native American culture and America as well."
Artist website: www.kvermeer.com


Jump by Francisco Salgado
Painted Steel
10’ x 4’ x 12”
Purchase Price: $18,000

B ST SW and Main ST
Downtown Auburn

With technology, craft and persistence the artist, Francisco Salgado, strives to take impossible ideas and imagines them into sculpture. Jump, is a combination of four forms grouped together that become the abstract figurative form enlivened by expression and energy.
Artist website: franciscosalgado.com


2013 Peoples Choice Award Winner!

Riparian Totem
Lin Rebolini McJunkin
Fused Glass, Steel
80" H x 20" W x 20" D

This sculpture will be installed near the Auburn Justice Center

As an artist and science educator, Lin utilizes the heat of her commitment, as well as that of her kilns and torches, to sculpt recycled glass and metal into work that celebrates and advocates for the health of our planet and its inhabitants.

Three strands of metal grass form the framework for Lin Rebolini McJunkin’s seven-foot tall sculpture. They are each divided into 3 or 4 sections, with kiln-carved glass interpretations of Native American Coast Salish designs depicting items important to Auburn’s distant and recent history, including: eagle feathers for the aircraft industry, hops and berries, the Green and White Rivers, fish, and a surprise shape for the dairy industry. Can you find it?


The Downtown Sculpture Gallery was partially funded through Local Revitalization Financing funding received from the State of Washington and 4Culture King County Lodging Tax.