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Auburn Community Campus Master Plan

Auburn Community Campus Master Plan Process

The Auburn Community Campus is a major community asset and is in a position to grow and improve with adjacent civic facilities and newly acquired properties. Through the master planning process, the City will develop an updated vision for the Campus and Les Gove Park into the future, utilizing existing civic amenities including a new rec center, teen center, senior center, museum, and library. The master plan will be detailed enough to guide future decision making, including pursuit of grant funding, yet flexible enough to adapt and seize unforeseen opportunities.

Goals of the plan:

  • Identify the existing and anticipated uses for Les Gove Park and adjacent facilities.
  • Identify additional opportunities for seasonal and short-term events and programming that can happen on the campus, including festivals, recreational events and social and cultural events. 
  • Identify character elements unique to Auburn and set a tone for the character of the emerging master plan in terms of experience and aesthetic.
  • Integrate art and culture to identify opportunities to create a place unique to Auburn.
  • Develop a campus circulation program for how cars and pedestrians will arrive at and interact with the site, including parking for differing uses and how can the site become more unified for cars, pedestrians and the community facilities that ring the park.
  • Integrating yet buffering parts of the campus to encourage desired usage patterns and discourage undesired usage patterns.
  • Develop a comprehensive approach to park and campus safety.
  • Create clear portals to the park to arrive by car and by human-powered transportation.
  • Create a community campus presence along Auburn Way with intuitive arrival opportunities.
  • Develop a neighborhood connection plan that addresses how the community campus will relate to the rest of the city, assuring it complements civic and cultural investments in the rest of the city.
  • Develop high-level cost estimates for planning, and a phasing plan for implementation of elements of the master plan. 

community campus activity

Public Safety:  It is a priority of the City of Auburn to make the Auburn Community Campus a safe environment for the public. The following is an overview of some of the recent changes to procedures around the campus:

  • Auburn Police have worked in conjunction with the King County Library - Auburn Branch in order to identify strategies to ensure the library and its surrounding area are being used for lawful and safe purposes. Loitering by non-patrons in the area of the Library is not tolerated, and an emphasis on this has already produced some positive feedback from the library and their patrons.

Former park etiquette rules have been added to Auburn City Code and are now enforceable by the Auburn Police Department; signs of all the laws are posted in the park (Auburn Municipal Code - Chapter 2.22).

  • Increased proactive police patrols within the park and campus area and re-established the bicycle unit with the purpose of increased proactive patrols in the campus area.
  • Removed all non permitted food servers from park areas.
  • Installed new fence around spray park to improve safety between spray playground, Deal's Way and Library.
  • Added Police-only parking spots in park for quick access to park area for police.
  • Trimmed up all trees and trimmed plantings around all building for clear sightlines through the park.
  • The Auburn Police Department Community Response Team meets regularly with Auburn Community Campus partners to address issues related to campus safety and has entered into a code of conduct agreement with the King County Library - Auburn Branch and a trespass agreement with staff at Auburn Youth Resources.