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Enjoy exploring the trails throughout Auburn's park system. Auburn has many short walks in your neighborhood and some longer walks within the community. Favorites include the Interurban Trail, the White River Trail, Game Farm Park and the Les Gove Park Trail.

Interurban Trail

The popular Interurban Trail parallels the Union Pacific Railroad for much of its length. The Interurban Trail currently runs north to south through Tukwila, Kent, Auburn, Algona and Pacific, and is approximately 17 miles long, with 4.5 miles in Auburn. The trail can be accessed at Main St., 15th St. SW, The Outlet Collection and 37th St. NW. The trail is the primary north and south route suitable for non-motorized travel between valley communities. The trail's location through the heart of Auburn's industrial district brings potential users close to several of the largest employers in the city. Boeing, GSA, and the Super Mall are also located adjacent to the trail with downtown Auburn less than 1/2 mile from the trail.

White River Trail

The White River Trail, within Roegner Park, extends along the White River to the Game Farm Wilderness Park for 2.25 miles. It has a wide asphalt path and a soft surface trail for horses. Keep your eyes open for soaring hawks and eagles or a blue heron perched on a log out in the White River. If you start at Roegner Park and turn around at the end of Game Farm Wilderness Park, you'll have a robust 4.5 mile loop. This is particularly beautiful in the fall time when you will see a palette of colors in different hues of reds, oranges and yellows. If your timing is right you may encounter a family of deer down by the river at twilight.

Game Farm Park

Game Farm Park contains over 3 miles of trails with a paved 1 mile trail. The trails will take you past tennis courts, pickle ball courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, softball fields, playgrounds, picnic shelters, public artwork, and an outdoor amphitheatre and public artwork. The trail will also lead you to an unpaved trail that meanders along the Stuck River (White River). This park is Auburn's biggest, most used and best manicured park with excellent spring and fall colors.

Les Gove Park

Les Gove Park has a rambling 1/2 mile loop trail that has incredible spring color with the 100 Japanese Flowering Cherry Trees donated by Auburn's Japanese sister city. Of course, the most exciting time to visit this Park is from Memorial Day to Labor Day when the Rotary Spray Park is open, you will hear lots of screaming, giggling and laughter when you stroll past. Continue your journey around the trail and you may catch a glimpse of a game of horse shoes or Bocce. Lots of open space areas allow for frisbee throwing, volleyball or a pick-up game of football. This trail has connectors that will take you to the Rec Building, King County Library, White River Valley Museum, Senior Activity Center and Parks Administration Building.

Lakeland Linear Trail

Lakeland Linear Trail meanders from Evergreen Way along Lakeland Hills Way connecting to Sunset Park. At Sunset Park, there are several loops from 1/2 mile to 1 mile in length. For the adventuresome, you can trek down Lake Tapps Parkway and walk along the asphalt trail up connecting to Evergreen Way for 1.62 miles.

Lakeland Hills Park

Another short, but pleasant 1/4 mile loop trail that encircles a large green grassy play area at Lakeland Hills Park where you will see Frisbee throwing, informal touch football games, a pick-up game of softball or maybe a kite or two. A beautiful park in the fall, with an abundance of vine maples.

Mill Pond Park

Mill Pond Park has over a 1/4 mile loop trail that hugs the pond where you can hear frogs croaking and a variety of birds chirping. This is a good park for a rest or reflecting with plenty of seating opportunities to watch young kids pulling trout out of the kids only fishing pond or a Great Blue Heron fishing for a meal.

Sunset Park

Sunset Park has a 1 mile loop trail with a spectacular view of Mt. Rainer and incredible views of the sunsets over the Olympic Mountain Range. Come on a cool, crisp, clear fall day with your camera for the best photo ops. This new park is bustling with excitement with a picnic shelter, playground, 2 softball/baseball fields, a skate park and a full size basketball court. The trail will allow you to enjoy all the sights and sounds of these activities. When the planting areas get more mature there will be some great spring and fall color.

Isaac Evans Park & Dykstra Park

The 1.07 mile paved loop through Isaac Evans Park and Dykstra Park meanders through the woods along the Green River.

Brannan Park

Brannan Park has a looped one mile trail inside the park and a soft surface trail on the levee that meanders through the woods along the Green River for 1.19 miles.

Attention: Due to the construction of the Reddington Levee Setback Project from June through October 2013, the Green River Trail will be closed from Brannan Park to just beyond the River Mobile Estates. For more information, please visit the Road Closure & Construction Notices page.

Cedar Lanes Park

Cedar Lanes Park has a wide paved 1/3 mile loop trail inside the park providing a brisk walk through the woods with your dog.

Cameron Park

Cameron Park offers a quaint 1/3 mile loop trail that serpentines between some mature trees along the perimeter of the park and is connected by the sidewalk along Lemon Tree Lane. Take the trail for a nice leisure after dinner stroll where you might catch a softball game, kids playing soccer, kite flying or a game of tag out in the open field, or a game of hoops or some kids having a good time on the play equipment. Another park offering a good color display in autumn.