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Join us for this free, real-world treasure hunt!

Auburn Geocaching Adventure 2015

2016 Auburn's Geocaching Adventure set for October 14 & 15

The 2016 Auburn Geocaching Adventure started on Friday evening, October 14, with a night cache at the Auburn Golf Courselinks to external site, and on Saturday the Geocaching Adventure at the Auburn Community Centerlinks to external site at Les Gove Park began.

Geocaching is an outdoor high-tech treasure hunting game where participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates using GPS-enabled devices (including smart phones) to find hidden objects. Geocaching is fun for all ages and everyone is welcome to participate in this free event, which is great for families, groups of friends, scout groups and organizations.​ 

The Auburn Geocaching Adventure 2016 challenges you to find a specific number of geocaches. A passport (PDF) and map with hints (PDF) show where you can find 20 amazing new caches in the Auburn area. The caches were released at 9:00 AM on Saturday, October 15, 2016.  We have 300 coins to give away and will continue to have this posted until all coins are gone.

For additional details, visit www.geocaching.comlinks to external site or call 253-931-3043.