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A place for creativity, technology, and exploration! 

Auburn's Maker Space is located within the new Auburn Community & Event Center at 910 9th Street SE in Les Gove Park. Equipment within the space includes: Epilog Helix Laser Printer, MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer, FormLabs Form 2 Resin 3D Printer, Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine, Silhouette Cutter, Xbox Kinnect Scanner and a variety of hand tools.



Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 PM, Ages 11 & up, $25/$32 


Various Dates, Ages 11 & up, $25/$32

  • February 11- Leather Wallets/Coin Purses - Create a wallet or coin purse from scratch using a combination of laser and traditional leather working techniques.  The laser can cut, score, engrave and hole punch leather templates, and we will hand stitch, rivet and finish our projects.
  • February 25- Coasters - This is a great intro class for the laser.  We will be using Inkscape to design and personalize a set of laser engraved coasters for your home.
  • February 28- Laser Etch Denim - Bring a denim garment or use one of the patches we provide and check out this awesome technique to create contrasting designs on classic denim.  This is a great laser project for beginners.


 Ages 11 & up, $25/$32

  • February 14- Vinyl Stickers - The Silhouette vinyl cutter is a great first MakerSpace experience! Pre-select up to two graphics or photos that you would like converted into personalized vinyl stickers for our home or car.


February 14-March 7,  Ages 21 & up, $60|Senior $48

  • Beginning Laser Cutting - Learn how to design and cut projects using the laser cutter in the MakerSpace during this 4-week course.  You will be guided through the basics of design on the computer, then cutting and etching them with the laser.

For a complete list of upcoming project workshops, check out our brochure (PDF), see our Facebook pagelinks to external site, or view the full list of activities.

Register online or by phone at 253-931-3043

Young Inventors' ClubYIC

Ages 10-15, $30/$38 per session

Every Saturday morning from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM, youth ages 10-15 can join us for an adventure in science, technology, and creativity! Each month carries a theme, but not every session is mandatory - jump in whenever!

  • February's Theme: LEGO Robotics. Using LEGO Mindstorm kits, we build 'bots of all shapes, program them to do cool stuff, and them compete against each other in an obstacle course we build ourselves!

                                    Session One   Session Two   Session Three   Session Four

  • March's Theme: The Natural World. Become a Citizen Scientist! We'll learn about the ecosystem surrounding Auburn, what a Citizen Naturalist can do to document, research, and protect it, and take action to protect the native species of our home!

                                   Session Onelinks to external site   Session Twolinks to external site   Session Threelinks to external site   Session Fourlinks to external site

Wednesday Workshops

Each Wednesday evening from 6:30-9:00 PM, join us for a free or low-cost workshop! These classes introduce you to the basic operations of the machines, so you can learn to use them and create your own projects ASAP! The following schedule applies each month.

  • 1st Wednesday: FREE all-ages open house. If you've never visited the Makerspace before, or you want to see what's new, join us for a family-friendly craft, conversation, and machine demonstrations. Please note that pre-registration for the paid workshops below is not available; please pay upon arrival at the front desk of the community center.
  • 2nd Wednesday: Laser Orientation*. Learn the basics of how to use the laser engraver/cutter, including how it works, what types of files to use, what materials we can engrave, and more!
  • 3rd Wednesday: 3D Printer Orientation*. Learn how 2 types of 3D printers work, what kinds of models you can print, how to set up a print, and how to finish one!
  • 4th Wednesday: Wildcard, fee varies*. The last Wednesday of each month we use to rotate through special low-cost classes on the vinyl cutter, digital embroidery machine, special topics in 3D printing and laser cutting, information for volunteers,

*Any skills workshop will have a fee of $20 Auburn residents/$25 Non-residents, Ages 8+. Minors must be accompanied by paying adult. 


During Open Make hours, community members who have been previously trained during one of our workshops can use the machines for their own projects. Drop in for the day or buy a pass to work on personal projects. Materials are not included, but may be purchased on site.

For more information and current schedule please check out the Facebook pagelinks to external site