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Pianos on Parade

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Pianos on Parade is an annual, temporary art and music project for the public to enjoy throughout Auburn. Each of the pianos on display during the month of August, have been given a new exterior via artist modification. The public is encouraged to visit and play a tune (anything from Chopsticks to Chopin), on any or all of the Pianos on Parade.

For information on the Pianos on Parade program, contact us at [email protected].

New locations for August 2019!

Temporary art and music project on display through Friday, August 30, 2019

Image of Octopus Piano by Elise Koncsek

Location/Piano Host: Shoe Forest, 113 E Main St
Artist: Elise Koncsek
Piano: Pacific Rainbow Octopus!
The Pacific Rainbow Octopus is a rare and magical species endemic to Puget Sound. My piano pays tribute to this fantastical beast by depicting it about to climb out of the top of the piano. Painted tentacles appear to flow out of from the top, featuring eight bright colors. Field guide style information about the mythical creature’s habitat, lifestyle, and magical properties surround the tentacles. Elise hopes this all-ages artwork will inspire conversation and imaginative stories for all visitors.

Image of artistically altered piano by Sam Trout

Location/Piano Host: Zola's Café, 402 E Main St #120
Artist: Sam Trout

Piano: By the Sea
Sam Trout uses spray paint to take us on an artistic trip to the seaside. His brilliant, bright, and inviting work is inspired by music and he loves having the opportunity for his art to inspire music in return.

Image of piano "Happy Trees" artistically altered by Fin'es Scott.

Location/Piano Host: Auburn City Hall, 25 West Main St.
Artist: Fin'es Scott
Piano: Happy Trees
This artistic piano is inspired by nature with pop art influences. The green mounds are trees with various emotions to provide a whimsical and fun environment. The piano design was created using a technique similar to decoupage.

Image of "Candy Land" piano by Suzy Fountaine.

Location/Piano Host: Geaux Brewing, 425 E Main St.
Suzy Fountaine
Piano: Candy Land
Enjoy this fun and whimsical nod to a childhood favorite: Candy Land!

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