Virtual Talent Show Voting

Thank you to all of our first ever (hopefully last) Hunker Down at Home Talent Show contestants! You all are so very talented and thanks for sharing with us.

Also thank you to the people of Auburn for voting for your favorite act!

We had a panel of three performing arts industry judges that had the to make the tough decisions in this contest, Austin Taylor of AT Production, Jessica Lynn Witty country singer song writer and Raymond Hayden local singer, piano player and producer.

And without further ado here are the results…

In the 0-12 years-of-age

  • 2nd Place Jaysen Subia
  • 1st Place Amelia Luk

13 – 19 years-of-age

  • 3rd Place A Friend Like Me Duo
  • 2nd Place Autumn Helene
  • 1st Place Amelia Day

20 – 54 years-of-age

  • 3rd Chris Lowery
  • 2nd Lindsay Delmarter
  • 1st Sylvia D. Jones

And congratulations to our People’s Choice Winner… Jaysen Subia! Jaysen will get a chance to perform at an upcoming City of Auburn Event.

And our overall winner and recipient of a $500.00 Bravo contract and an opening act spot at a future Auburn Ave Theater show is... Sylvia D. Jones!

Jaysen Subia Yo-Yo Performance

Sylvia D. Jones - Vocal