Small Works Roster

The City of Auburn utilizes the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) Small Works Roster. The Small Works Roster may be used, in lieu of formal advertising, to solicit bids for any public work estimated to cost less than $300,000.

MRSC manages the Small Works Roster and receives, reviews, and approves applications to be on the Roster. Once approved, as an eligible contractor to be on the Roster, this exposes you not only to Auburn's small works projects, but also to the small works projects of the other member agencies.

MRSC provides a Small Works Roster statewide. MRSC provides the roster in a way that is efficient and cost-effective for agencies and contractors, using electronic formats and procedures. There are hundreds of cities, counties, school districts, and special-purpose districts in the state that your firm can potentially reach with one signup.

The MRSC Roster is updated on an annual basis. MRSC currently advertises in the following publications: the Tacoma News Tribune, the Seattle Times, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Daily Journal of Commerce, and the Everett Herald.

The MRSC Small Works Roster provides secure, password-protected online registration that will enable contractors to register quickly and inexpensively and to revise and update their information quickly. For one annual fee, a contractor can register to be on the Small Works Roster.

The roster may be viewed on the MRSC Small Works website and the MRSC contact is Taira Anderson, PE at 206-625-1300.

For further information on the City of Auburn process, contact Jacob Sweeting, Assistant Director of Engineering Services/City Engineer at 253-804-3118.