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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Disposal

CANT FIND WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? Visit King County's What Do I Do With...? website.


Find information on reducing the use of natural resources and reusing items to keep unnecessary items out of our landfills.


Find information on local RECYCLING drop off centers.


Find information on local ORGANICS drop off centers and organics education.


Find information on local GARBAGE & HAZARDOUS WASTE drop off centers.


Waste Prevention - Waste prevention means not creating waste in the first place. It means reusing things, instead of buying new ones. It also means "reducing." For example, you can get off mailing lists to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive, or you can buy products with reduced packaging. Reducing toxics in products also is waste prevention. Visit the King County Waste Prevention website for information on how to reduce your waste.

Reduce your household clutter! - This flyer provided online resources to help you reduce, reuse and recycle. Please call vendors to confirm load restrictions, hours of operations, fees, etc. Reduce Household Waste & Clutter flyer (PDF)

Donation Locations:

View Locations in and near Auburn to donate items. Always call for details and to verify site locations. (Located in Auburn unless otherwise noted).

King County EcoConsumer

Learn about tools and resources to help you reduce your environmental impact, and often save money and save time as well. Information includes: EcoConsumer News & Media, EcoConsumer on Facebook, Zero Waste Earth Day, Waste Calculator, EcoConsumer Blog, EcoConsumer on Twitter, and Green Holidays.

Threadcycle (donate textiles)

Damaged clothes and linens aren't garbage anymore. Up to 95 percent of the clothes, shoes, and linens thrown in the garbage could have been reused or recycled*. Local organizations want all your clothes, shoes, and linens for reuse or recycling - even damaged goods - in any condition except wet.

Repair Events

The King County EcoConsumer public outreach program sponsors FREE repair events around King County (outside Seattle), where people can bring small household items and clothing. Our experienced all-purpose fixers and sewing fixers will work on them, and can help you learn repair tips as well.

Reduce Junk Mail Phone Book Opt-Out

A significant portion of the more than 80 billion pieces of advertising mail delivered every year consists of unwanted mail, or "junk" mail. Recycling junk mail is a good start, but reducing the amount of junk mail you receive saves landfill space and conserves natural resources. for how you can reduce junk mail.

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Always call before taking materials to be donated, recycled or disposed of to verify what is accepted and if there is a cost.

Recycling Companies

  • UpTekk - 101 Lund Rd SW #A/#B, Auburn, 206-497-9979
  • Valley Recycling - 312 W. Valley Hwy, Pacific, 253-288-0000
  • Best Buy - 31601 Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way
  • Yellow Pages Opt Out - A one-stop shop for people to limit or stop the delivery of print directories to their homes.
  • Latex Paint Recycling -
    • Small Quantities: Agrishop, 308 W Main St., Auburn, 253-833-0730. Call for pricing.
    • Large Quantities: Green Sheen EcoFriendly Paint, 825 Central Ave S., Kent, 253-856-1442. Must call for an appointment. Also sells recycled latex paint.
    • Habitat for Humanity, 1407 Auburn Way S, 253-329-5532

Appliance Recycling

Electronics Recycling

Mattress Recycling

Styrofoam Recycling

  • Auburn Mail & Copy - 1402 Auburn Way N, Auburn, 253-351-0893. Accepts Styrofoam peanuts. Must be clean and put in plastic bags.
  • Styro Recycle - 23418 68th Ave S, (West Valley Hwy) Kent, 253-838-9555. Accepts clean Styrofoam Blocks (look for a #6 or EPS in the recycle symbol) and some other plastics.
  • King County Special Recycling Events (spring & fall) Collection Event. Check the City's Garbage & Recycling Upcoming Events page or call 253-931-3038, Option #2.
  • City of Auburn Holiday Collection Event (takes place the week after Christmas). For more information go to Upcoming Events.

Lights Recycling (containing mercury)

Effective January 1, 2015, Washington residents can recycle up to 10 lights per day at authorized Collection Sites throughout the State at no charge.
Accepted lights include: Fluorescent tubes, Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs), High Intensity Discharge lights (HIDs). NOTE: LED bulbs are not hazardous and can go into the garbage container.

Collection Locations:

Cooking Oil Recycling Collection

  • Collection Box Location: Les Gove Park (Drop Box) 910 9th ST SE Auburn, 98001 (south of the water spray park) Bring your cooled, used fryer or cooking oil in a container that pours easily. Pour oil into the collection tank marked "General Biodiesel". PLEASE take you container home with you. Open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information call 253-931-3038, option #2.
  • Mahoney Environmental, formerly called General Biodiesel - 6333 1st Ave S, Seattle, 206-932-1600 (commercial pick up services)

Paper Shredding Companies / Events

Mobile Shredding Companies:

  • Safeguard Mobile Shredding, 253-405-4603
  • Shred-It Mobile Shredding, 425-243-5160

Motor Oil & Oil Filter Recycling

  • Autozone - 1072 Auburn Way N, 253-333-2075
  • Autozone - 4310 A ST SE, 253-333-2079
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts - 222 A ST SE, 253-735-4075
  • Curbside Motor Oil Collection - Waste Management Residential customers (only) can recycle up to 2 gallons of motor oil on recycle collection day at no cost. Oil must be in plastic jugs with a screw top and labeled with address and phone number. Motor oil can not be mixed with other liquids.

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Contact to find out what materials are accepted.

  • Cedar Grove Composting - 17825 Cedar Grove Road SE, Maple Valley, 425-432-2395. (NO branches larger than 4" in diameter or 4 feet long).
  • Local Transfer Station - See above.


Contact to find out what materials are accepted.

  • Lloyd Enterprises - Milton Site, 80 - 5th AVE, Milton, 253-874-6692. (NO grass & leaves)


Food 2 Good 2 Waste: Whether it's moldy cheese, limp celery or those long lost leftovers in the back of the fridge, chances are you've wasted food this week. And you're not alone. Americans waste about 25% of all food and drinks we buy, adding up to more than $1,600 each year.
Learn more about smart shopping, food preparation and more, plus watch videos for tips on how to waste less food. Learn more about how to reduce food waste today!


Compost More. Waste Less.  Compost-enriched soil can reduce erosion, alleviate soil compaction and help control diseases and pest infestation in plants. Compost can increase plant production, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and conserve natural resources. View information on backyard and kitchen composting, building your own bins, and more.

Natural Yard Care, Green Gardening, and Sustainable Landscaping: Tips, resources and common sense, easy to implement ideas from King County Solid Waste. View more information.

Seattle Tilth: Seattle Tilth is a non-profit organic gardening and urban ecology organization with classes, demonstration gardens, children's programs and community events. Grow your Gardening Skills! Sign up for a Tilth class and learn new skills that can benefit you for a lifetime. View more information and classes.

Green Garden Hotline: The Garden Hotline offers free, individualized solutions to garden problems that are practical, safe, effective and natural from Northwest professional gardeners and horticulturists. Find out more.

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King County Transfer Stations

  • All King County Transfer Stations - Main Phone Line: 206-477-4466, 1-800-325-6165 Ext. 74466, TTY Relay: 711 Alternative formats available. Note: Auburn Pierce County residents can utilize the King County transfer station collection sites.

Beginning June 16, 2021, the King County Solid Waste Division will require customers who come to a King County recycling and garbage facility to show proof they live or do business within King County's 37-city and unincorporated service area. More information.

Trash Removal Companies

King County Local Hazardous Waste Disposal

Main Line: 206-296-4692 or 888-TOXIC-ED; TTY Relay: 711. Note: Auburn Pierce County residents can utilize the King County hazardous waste collection sites.

Unwanted Medicine Disposal

Sharps (Needle) Disposal

  • King County Public Health Center - 901 Auburn Way N, Unit #A, 206-477-0600 (Free)
  • Bow Lake Transfer Station - 18800 Orillia Rd. S., Tukwila, 206-477-4466 (Free)
  • Bartell Drugs - 3902 A ST SE, 253-939-8562 (Fee)

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Call the City of Auburn Solid Waste Utilities Department at 253-931-3038, Option #2 or email