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Police Employment

Team Auburn

Our Commitment

The Auburn Police Department (APD) is actively committed to building a qualified and diverse force that reflects, understands, and is trusted by the communities it serves. APD believes that diversity isn't a person, but a philosophy - and it isn't merely demonstrated in the gender or ethnicity of individuals, but in the way that all Officers interact with the community and approach problem-solving, regardless of their gender or ethnicity. Internally, APD is proactively fostering a culture where the role of diversity in effective policing is understood and valued. Externally, APD is broadening where and how it recruits its Officers to find the most qualified applicants whose diverse perspectives, skillsets, and experiences will make them valuable assets and effective public servants and partners for the City of Auburn.

Competitive Wages & Benefits

Auburn PD offers competitive wages and Entry Level Officers will quickly increase their salary over their first 5 years on the force. Officers can receive an additional 4% premium for a job-related AA Degree, a 6% premium for a BA or Master's Degree, as well as longevity pay. Officers can also receive additional compensation in the form of overtime and specialty assignments. Premiums range from 2% - 6% for specialties such as: Community Response Team (CRT), TAC Officer, Motorcycle Patrol, K-9 Officer, Bicycle Patrol, Hostage Negotiator, Valley SWAT, Bilingual, Detective, Field Training Officer, and Defensive Tactics Instructor. The City offers excellent medical, dental, vision, and retirement plans.

Salary graphic

 The graphic above includes 2% longevity pay after 5 years.

Why Team APD?

Team Auburn PD is small enough for Officers to see and take ownership of the impact they have on our communities, yet large enough to provide engaging and exciting opportunities for Officers to develop a variety of policing skills and experience. APD's culture and management philosophy allows Officers to play a variety of roles, pursue specializations, and have ownership and input on cases from start to finish. We invest heavily in the growth and development of the Officers of Team APD because our Officers are such valuable members of our communities and their exemplary work is the best return on this investment.

Entry Level  Lateral

 Questions about joining Team APD?
Call 253-931-3040 or email Human Resources

Interested in Public Safety, but not sure law enforcement is right for you?
Visit Valley Communications Center’s website, the Regional 911 Center for South King County, to explore other types of Public Safety careers.