Best of the Pacific Northwest Bands Quarantine Contest

Tribute Band Contest

The City of Auburn’s Bravo Performing Arts series present the first (and hopefully last) The Best of the Northwest Tribute Bands, Quarantine Contest, featuring a variety of tribute bands from around the area and few a little farther away.

You the public will vote to decide which band will be awarded the coveted People’s Choice Trophy and a performance contract for an upcoming show at the Auburn Ave Theater.

Voting ends November 23 and on November 24 we will announce the Top 10 and they will move on to the Finals. The Finals voting will start December 1 and end on December 11, with the winner being announced on December 12, 2020.

Vote for your 3 favorite bands!

And now, let’s meet the bands…

 Band PhotoBand Name Electric Boots - Elton John Tribute Band

Band members' names David Walthew - Vocals. Chris Ross - Keyboards. Davis Chastain - Guitar. Scott Flood- Bass. Ken Matson - Drums

Band Description Electric Boots is the Premier Elton John Tribute Band in the Northwest. Playing all your favorite Elton John songs from the 70’s and 80’s in full costumes. All songs are performed live with no tracks . Join us for a Magical night of music on the other side of the Yellow Brick Road.

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Band PhotoBand Name Second Sting - The Ultimate Scorpions Tribute

Band members' names Aaron Cheney, Mike Graham, Chris Colwell, Tod Hobart, Dave Ames

Band Description Second Sting - The Ultimate Scorpions Tribute brings the best songs of all eras of the Scorpions to the stage in unforgettable way. Their high energy set blazes through the Scorp’s 50 year catalog of rockers and ballads, from the 70''s to now, with the most authentic look and sound anywhere. Whether you’re an old-school Uli fan, or dig their massive 80''s hits, Second Sting brings it like no other tribute band on the planet.

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Band PhotoBand Name Almost KISS – Kiss Tribute

Band members Scott, Johnny, Aaron & Keith

Band Description Almost Kiss are four Kiss fans: Devoted and true. They Choose to pay homage to the hottest band in the world and bring the show closer to you the you’ve ever experienced before! Pucker up…this is the Hottest Tribute band in the world…Almost KISS!

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Band PhotoBand Name Soul Sacrifice - Tribute to SANTANA

Band members' names Bobby Cedeno, Andreas Stoller, Don FIncher, Don Fincher, Tony Sandovallegos, Jerry Robertson

Band Description Soul Sacrifice is the NW'' s Premier Tribute to the music of Santana. From Woodstock to some of Santana's most recent Hits , Soul Sacrifice perform these song with a passion and joy that engulfs the audience in the entire atmosphere of Santana's music. Stellar guitar performances with three percussion set ups, the Latin beat is sizzling!

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Band PhotoBand Name LIVE RUST A Tribute to Neil Young

Band members' names Roger Potter (Neil), John Haynes, Shane Langridge, Joe Backus

Band Description Called “The best tribute we’ve seen!” By Neil Young’s Crew, Producer Will Mitchell, Amp Tech Sal Trentino and word has it...Neil. LIVE RUST take great care to not simply play his music but play with his style, tone and feel. It shows. This is as close as you’ll get without actually seeing the man himself. LIVE RUST will satisfy Neil lovers and music lovers alike.

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Band PhotoBand Name The Sunset Grooves - “Yacht Rock” tribute band.

Band members' names Dusty Hayes, Jen Richardson, Paul Beaudry, Drew Fletcher, Eric Junge, Tim Mitchell

Band Description Remember the smooth, soft rock sounds of the 70s? Those super-cheesy, sultry-swaying songs by artists like Christopher Cross, Steely Dan, Little River Band, America and Hall & Oates? The Sunset Grooves are Seattle’s premiere “Yacht Rock” tribute band. This six piece ensemble performs all your favorite 70s and 80s soft rock hits - live (no backing tracks) – injecting a new undeniably fun energy to these unforgettable songs, while staying true to the original recordings. Let the Sunset Grooves take you on a time-machine ride to 40 years ago when these tunes were making waves on radio dials around the world.

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Band PhotoBand Name Just One Look - Tribute to Linda Ronstadt

Band members' names Holly Aprecio, Arny Bailey, Marc Montagnino, Karl Haug, Norm Peterson and Martin Rush

Band Description  A tribute to Linda Ronstadt, including imagery of Linda and a journey through her career as an artist from her first hit with the Stone Poneys (Different Drum) through her duets with vocalist Aaron Neville, with a nod to her Spanish roots.

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Band PhotoBand Name Borrowed Time - The Music of STYX

Band members' names Arny Bailey, Bryan Woolley, Marc Montagnino, Michael Hards, David Shore

Band Description Faithful recreation of the Music of Styx. Styx was one of the most versatile bands of the 70s and 80s, which is one of the main reasons their albums sold so well. "Ballads", "Hard Rock", "Progressive", "Anthemic", and of course "Theatrical" are all terms one could use to describe the Music of Styx. Performing in the PNW since 2010 including performances at the Auburn Ave Theater.

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Band PhotoBand Name Third Stage - Tribute to Boston

Band members' names Arny Bailey, Bryan Woolley, Marc Montagnino, David Shore, Dave Farrell and John Morris

Band Description Tribute to the amazing Boston who burst on the scene with their debut album "Boston" in 1976 and filled arena’s around the world. Enjoy the amazing music, hair, searing guitar dual solos and Brad Delp vocals that made Boston famous!

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Band PhotoBand Name Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith Tribute Band

Band members' names Gerry Smith, Mike Rocheleau, Scott Paterson, Ken Smith, Todd Davis

Band Description Based in Seattle, established Aerosmith Tribute Band, "Sweet Emotion" performs all of Aerosmith’s greatest Classic 70''s and early 80''s songs. From classic hits such as "Walk This Way," "Sweet Emotion," "Dream On", "Last child", "Back in The Saddle" to "Draw the Line" and more !

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Band PhotoBand Name Mysterious Ways - U2 Tribute Band.

Band members' names Patrick Boudreaux (Vocals), Eirik O’Neal (Guitar), Greg McGwire (Bass), Rico Ybarra (Drums)

Band Description U2 Tribute Band. Both sonically and visually Mysterious Ways captures the essence of U2.

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Band PhotoBand Name The Neil Youngs & the Harvest Moon Band - Neil Young Tribute

Band members' names Steve Crabtree, Andy Volmer, Frank Corbino, Richard Sabol, Marci Volmer, John Parades, Dave Harmonson

Band Description The Pacific Northwest's Premier Tribute to the music of Neil Young.

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Band PhotoBand Name Maroon Vibes - Tribute to Maroon 5

Band members' names Allan Riccetti, Joe Urbano, Emil JJ, Lu Rodriguez and Bob LaRochelle

Band Description Maroon Vibes delivers an authentic Maroon 5 experience perfect for all events. Playing an endless and ever-growing barrage of recognizable Maroon 5 hits. Maroon Vibes brings an energetic and exciting show that appeals to an ageless crowd.

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Band PhotoBand Name For Those About To Rock - An AC/DC Tribute

Band members' names Brian Lytle, Paul Pearce, Tommy Pearson, Craig Lague, Eddie Payne

Band Description For Those About To Rock is an ACDC tribute performing all the hits and fan favorites along with deep cuts from both Bon Scott and Brian Johnson wras of the band. They bring the sound and the look all the way down to the instruments and amps just like ACDC.

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Band PhotoBand Name The Warning : A Black Sabbath Experience

Band members' names Steve MoonFish, Johnnny Rockstar, Thumper, Theo

Band Description The Warning : A Black Sabbath Experience

Showcasing the early works from ''70-''81. Featuring classic hits like "Iron Man", "War Pigs", and "Paranoid" as well as songs into the Dio era. With an authentic Sabbath sound and an interesting visual perspective on stage, The Warning always brings the audience to its feet!

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Band PhotoBand Name Creedence Revelation - CCR Tribute

Band members' names Randy Linder, Jason Linder, Bo Wittmer and Joel Hendrie

Band Description The concert is over and you are realizing that you never knew you had so many favorite CCR songs. You just had a CREEDENCE REVELATION! This presentation by Randy Linder and his band is second to none. They have entertained audiences from California to New York with the beloved hits that came from CCR between the years of 1968 and 1972 and a few of John Fogerty's solo hits. Randy has been in the music business since 1968 and has attained National and International status since developing this salute to John Fogerty and CCR in the year 2000. Past performances include several Las Vegas engagements, shows in Guam and a show in Mexico with an enthusiastic audience of 14,000 CCR fans. Randy's authenticity shines through with the visual resemblance, the voice, the lead guitar style and even the rockin' blues harp played by John Fogerty, a singer/songwriter who played a huge roll in shaping American music culture.

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Band PhotoBand Name Barracuda - Essential Tribute to Heart

Band members' names Dl Caruk, Ray Roper, Billy Mendoza, Matthew Atkins & Sarah Moon

Band Description Tribute to Heart Barracuda hail from Vancouver, BC, Canada, the original city where Ann & Nancy Wilson formed the amazing legacy of the band "Heart". Barracuda perform the music of Heart with style, presence and a true passion for the songs that have become beloved classics to fans worldwide.

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Band PhotoBand Name Eagle Eyes - Tribute to the Eagles

Band members' names Ray Harvey, Jason Dujanski, Ken Emerter and Jack Gunderson

Band Description  ‘Eagle Eyes’ is a tribute band to the legendary music of the ‘EAGLES’. Eagle Eyes has taken great care and dedication recreating the harmonies and capturing the LIVE true magic within the studio recordings that The Eagles are renowned for. Hailing from Southern Vancouver Island, BC, the four members of Eagle Eyes have over 120 years of combined experience as professional touring musicians honing their musical and vocal skills.

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Band PhotoBand Name Bad Moon Riders - The Best CCR Tribute

Band members' names Doug Grant, Randy, Robertson, Mike Kelly, Rick Renof

Band Description Bad Moon Riders proudly present a Salute to the Music of Creedence Clearwater Revival. These veteran musicians pride themselves on giving a professional show from start to finish that will transport you back to the golden era of rock!

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Band PhotoBand Name Buddy, Ritchie and The Bopper – Honoring the Day the Music Died

Band members' names Ryan Colman, Paul Eddy, Jim Kleinbeck, Ponce Bautista, Bryce Lockard, Frank Murphy, Jim Abernethy, Dave Luke, Dayla Walker

Band This tribute pays respect to three entertainers who were taken from us way too early in their young musical careers. Backed up by five professional musicians, this show will prove to be one that will keep your toes tapping and make you want to dance in the aisles. Honoring the Day the Music Died will transport you to the late 1950’s when this music was fresh and new!

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Band PhotoBand Name Moving in Stereo - Tribute to the Cars

Band members' names Dean Gibbs, Dan Palatino, Kent Webb, Doug Stinson and Graham Fraser

Band Description ''Moving In Stereo'' are a tribute to one of the most popular new wave bands to come out of the late ''70s and early ''80s. The Cars were at the forefront in merging 1970s guitar-oriented rock with the new synthesizer oriented pop that was then becoming popular and which would flourish in the early 1980s. Their debut album sold 6 million copies and they went on to sell 23 million albums in the States alone.

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Band PhotoBand Name Paul Kype & Texas Flood - Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan

Band members' names Paul Kype, Jerry Adolphe & Mike Norman

Band Description TEXAS FLOOD tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan features masterful guitarist, Paul Kype who has been playing guitar since the age of ten.  Drawing upon the influences of guitar legends such as Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Paul has honed his skill to near perfection. He honors the songs of the greats by playing them with amazing precision and at the same time, investing them with his own intense feeling. After his solos, it is not uncommon to see people cheering jubilantly while shaking their heads in disbelief and awe.

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Band PhotoBand Name Aerosmith Rocks - Aerosmith Tribute Band

Band members' names Danny Deane, Scott Oakley, Dan Parker, Gord Grant & Duane Franklin

Band Description Aerosmith Rocks tribute band strives to capture the essence of what is Aerosmith. Brash, bold musical excitement, smattered with a healthy dose of sex appeal.

Aerosmith Rocks have been exciting Aerosmith fans across Western-Canada with a series of successful club & theatre dates, as well as many long-running outdoor summer festivals and special event shows. Aerosmith Rocks brings a highly accurate musical recreation of the Aerosmith experience to fans. Capturing all of the elements that go into a sweat-soaked evening with “The Bad Boys from Boston”. From the swagger of their 70’s heyday, to the iconic hits of the 90’s, powering through to today’s highly relevant Aerosmith sound. Get your wings, and get back in the saddle with Canada’s premier Aerosmith tribute, Aerosmith Rocks.

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Band PhotoBand Name A Night of Bowie - The Definitive Bowie Experience.

Band members' names Syl Thompson, Rob Begg, Kyle Radomsky, John Gillat, Graham Howell, Rob Gathwrop, Marc Gawtrop

Band Description Victoria musician Syl Thompson and his band have been paying tribute to the musical works of David Bowie for more than three decades. Thompson embodies Bowie’s exquisite style and persona and has been acclaimed as providing the most credible and realistic Bowie experience in North America. Six highly respected musicians play each song as Bowie and his band performed them live. The look and feel of this concert replicates the Heathen/Reality Tour. The music spans the broad spectrum of Bowie’s hits from 1969’s Space Oddity to 2013’s Where Are We Now? The show is eerily close to hearing and seeing Bowie himself. Thompson’s own musical journey has been chocked full of high points. In the early 80s, Thompson toured extensively in the South Pacific. Once he returned to Canada’s West Coast, he headlined for various cover bands and played in notable venues in Vancouver, including the Commodore Ballroom. In 1987, he opened for the Beach Boys at the Pacific Coliseum. Around this time, a manager of a Richmond nightclub heard him perform and remarked that Thompson had the look, moves and sound of Bowie and suggested he cover a few of Bowie’s songs. Before long, Thompson was dedicating a full set to the music of David Bowie. He renamed the band Major Tom and embarked on a year-long tour throughout North America. They played Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and other major cities before returning to a Canadian tour which started on the East Coast.

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Band PhotoBand Name Moon Dance - The Van Morrison Songbook

Band members' names Bruce Coughlan, Laurence Knight, Adam Rohrlick, Karen Graves, Kyle Axeford, Greg Stuart:

Band Description MOONDANCE - the Van Morrison Songbook is led by Bruce Coughlan & Company extol the genius of Van Morrison, the Mystic Celtic Soul singer, and songwriter who has placed his indelible stamp on Western Music culture for over half a century!

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Band members' names DL Car, Ray Roper, Sarah Moon, Billy Mendoza, Darrell Hebert'' & Matthew Atkins

Band Description Classic Ronstadt is led by powerhouse vocalist D.L. CAR who does is exceptional capturing the various vocal styles which Linda Ronstadt is known for rock, country & pop. Classic Ronstadt have 5 world class musicians / vocalists that reproduce the music of Linda note for note as per the record version.

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Band PhotoBand Name West Coast Chicago - The Music of Chicago

Band members' names Paul Clark, Mon Gonzales, Scott Driscoll, Greg Farrugia, Garth Balint, Bryan Vance, Mike Crean & Graham Clark

Band Description West Coast Chicago is a group of musicians who share a mutual admiration of Chicago. Each player is dedicated to recreating the sound, energy and intensity of every song musically and vocally. Within their repertoire you’ll find hit after hit after hit, and Chicago has a dizzying number of them. On a screen behind the band you will see the name of each song, its highest chart position, and when that occurred, along with a picture of the album it was culled from. Also within their multi-media presentation you will see some delightful visuals they have created for your added enjoyment, including pictures of the original band, way back when, and even lyrics of some of their most touching songs. West Coast Chicago will appeal to all ages, and especially to those who were listening to radio and buying Chicago albums during their peak years in the 70’s and 80’s. Indeed, West Coast Chicago truly is “A Celebration Of The Music Of Chicago”.

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Band PhotoBand Name All Fired Up - The Pat Benatar Experience

Band members' names DL Car, Ray Roper, Billy Mendosa & Matthew Clark & Sarah Moon

Band Description All Fired Up -Pat Benatar Tribute is one of several offshoots of Barracuda, featuring vocal powerhouse DL Car performing as the undisputed queen of 80s Rock Radio. This band covers the incredible a string of the 80s mega-hits with the passion and ferocity of Pat in her glorious 80s prime!

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Band PhotoBand Name Steve Kelly and the Cherry Cherry band

Band members' names Steve Kelly, Dan Canyon, Dean Babbitt, Dan Ellsworth, Bob Kelly, Djin Lim, Darryl Estes & Lynn Cook

Band Description the premier Neil diamond tribute-replicates Neil Diamond’s concert lineup -with all the hits horns and hoopla this show rocks and is a family friendly concert experience.

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Band PhotoBand Name The Kings of Hollywood - Tribute to the Eagles

Band members' names ARNY Bailey, Randy Casey, Marc Montagnino, Karl Haug, Martin Rush, Norm Peterson

Band Description a Tribute to the Eagles. We have performed all over Washington and also a couple shows in Southern California. We have previously appeared at the Auburn Ave Theater, Chalet Theater and Emerald Downs Casino so have a good following in the area! We have been performing for 7 years!

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Band PhotoBand Name Wildflower - Tribute to Sheryl Crow

Band members' names Holly Aprecio, ARNY Bailey, Marc Montagnino, Martin Rush, Norm Peterson, Karl Haug

Band Description Accurate tribute to Sheryl Crow and her music.

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Band PhotoBand Name British Export – Tribute to the Beatles

Band members' names Jim Martin - Josh Jones - Jon Fickes - Evan Gackstatter

Band Description British Export recreates the sights and sounds of a vintage Beatles concert featuring accurate guitars, drums, and costumers of the various eras: Cavern Club, Ed Sullivan, Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road Studios. 

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Band PhotoBand Name Jealous Dogs: Seattle’s Only Pretenders Tribute

Band members' names Sherri Jerome, Aimee Zoe, Mike McDermott, Chris Olson

Band Description Performing Pretenders hits, B-sides, and rarities. We love this music & want to share it with you.

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Band PhotoBand Name Stonesy

Band members' names Marc Montagnino, Karl Haug, Fernando Luna, Brad Stoll, Randy Casey

Band Description STONESY is a Seattle based band faithfully reproducing the timeless music of the Rolling Stones on stage.

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Band PhotoBand Name The ABBAgraphs – Tribute to ABBA

Band members' names Cheryl Serio, Sari Breznau, Dayton Allemann, Larry Legget & Troy Lund

Band Description The ABBAgraphs recreate the pop magic of ABBA’s chart-topping, classic pop hits of the ''70s and early ''80s PLUS hits of the disco era. Think "Dancing Queen", "Mamma Mia", "Fernando", "Waterloo" and more!

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Band PhotoBand Name Patitude - music of Pat Benatar

Band members' names Sarah Pinzon, Dave Farrell, Mark Hopkins and Rico Ybarra

Band Description Patitude is a high energy tribute to the music of Pat Benatar and the rockin' good times of the 1980''s. Patitude is built around the powerhouse vocals of Sarah Pinzon, whose was prominently featured in the sound track for the movie "Birds of Prey" and has recently performed with Hell’s Belles, Black Sabbitch. Backing her up are a top notch group musicians. When you put his altogether, the results are a world class performance.

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Band PhotoBand Name Nearly Dan -  Musical Tribute to Steely Dan

Band members' names Jamie Dieveney, Darelle Holden, Tina Hart, Kelly Ash, Sue Nixon, Ed Weber, Rick Houle, Brad Boal, Frank Seeberger, Mike McGee, Rich Cole, Andy Omdahl, Jory Tindall, & Jack Klitzman

Band Description The demands of the music of Steely Dan are high, both in technical proficiency and in preserving the sarcastic, knowing attitude originally conceived. Seattle-based Nearly Dan excels on both fronts, fusing together the chops of 12 diversely-talented artists (with backgrounds in jazz, rock, R&B, country, and swing) into a veritable butcher’s shop window of precisely cut bass lines; surgical, highly reminiscent guitar solos; a biting yet sophisticated horn section and richly marbled beats. Nearly Dan coolly presents their own arrangements of those masterpiece compositions such as the bouncing “Reelin’ In the Years,” the sorrowful, karmic circularity of “Do It Again,” or the funny but mortified “Peg.”

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