Business Incubator
Business Incubator
Posted on 06/18/2018
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The IPZ Business Incubator encourages small business innovation and development in an innovative, community-focused space. The program, designed for entrepreneurs and innovators, is located inside the Auburn Train Station – providing easy access to downtown centers across Western Washington.

As a part of the incubator, you and your startup will have access to workstations geared towards independent work; a lounge, television and whiteboard space for casual brainstorming sessions; a kitchenette; scanning and printing capabilities; conference spaces; and lockers for belongings.

To keep up with the flexibility of the modern-day work environment, the incubator is open to members 24/7. Come by in the evening after work, hold a brainstorming session on a Saturday morning, stay up working on a project proposal until 2 in the morning – the hours of the space accommodate any schedule.

One of the most attractive features about the IPZ Business Incubator is the mentorship and advising program – meant to provide networking opportunities within the community, as well as bolstering leadership, business and technical skills among incubator inhabitants. This mentorship program weaves your startup into the rich fabric of Auburn and the greater Puget Sound Region, opening doors otherwise thought impossible.

For an inside look at what the incubator is cooking up now, follow @AuburnIPZ on Twitter and Auburn IPZ Incubator on Facebook; or for a more information pertaining to the incubator, contact Doug Lein at