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Boeing Fabrication Site Cleanup

WA DOE logoThe Washington State Department of Ecology is overseeing the Boeing Company's investigation of contaminated groundwater in portions of southwest Auburn and northeast Algona.

Chemicals related to industrial manufacturing have contaminated groundwater - the water that flows under the ground through the soil - with a degreaser called trichloroethene (TCE; also called trichloroethylene) and its breakdown products. It is believed that the chemicals originated from the Boeing Auburn facility. The contaminated groundwater (called a plume) flows north and northwest away from the Boeing property, into portions of southwest Auburn and northeast Algona.

To date, the chemicals found are at low levels that are not expected to pose a risk to human health and the environment. If chemicals are found to be an immediate risk, the Washington State Department of Ecology will direct Boeing to implement interim actions to reduce the risk.

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