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Art on Main

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A program of the City of Auburn, Art on Main is a Auburn's newest art exhibition space. Artists are selected through an annual application process to install 3-dimensional or multi-media art installations in a public window-front exhibition space in downtown Auburn. The program offers a $1,000 artist stipend to support the creation of new work and site-specific projects, or the installation of existing work.

We are currently accepting applications for exhibitions at the Art on Main Gallery in 2019. For more information or to apply, please visit our Call To Artists page.

2018 Exhibitions

Bruce Taylorlinks to external site - January 13 - March 25
Artist Bruce Taylor’s work often explores reflected light and color in both public art as well as temporary installations. By creating temporary installations, like the one for Auburn’s Art on Main, the artists has the freedom to express concepts without the need to insure the pieces can last for long periods and opens up the works to be more adventuresome.

Bruce Taylor

Lauren Boilinilinks to external site - April 7 - June 24
Lauren Boilini creates large scale, mural-sized paintings, often working directly on the wall exploring painting as installation. She is interested in how large-scale work relates to the size of the human body and the potential for the paintings to physically overwhelm the viewer. Boilini’s current body of work investigates ideas of excess, when images of excess become meaningless and fall into the realm of pattern. Fascinated with crowds of people converging together, the artist investigates various events and practices that join masses of life forms to discover how they interact when driven together in hordes. Recently she has been drawn to images of battles and duels, where opposing forces fight for the same space. She is interested in what drives us to violence and destruction of life.

Lauren Boilini

Pete Goldlustlinks to external site - July 10 - September 23
Pete Goldlust will be creating a dynamic new installation including swirling, interlocking fields of whimsical cartoon-like imagery, reflecting playful metaphors for art and community. Plant forms morph into animals, architecture takes flight, in a piece that is colorful, bright, vibrant and uplifting. Goldlust’s aim as a public artist is to work with communities to make their environments more engaging and beautiful, and to encourage the qualities of wonder, joy, and play. Drawing inspiration from sources such as early American scrimshaw, Japanese ceramics, Modernist European sculpture, as well as various contemporary artistic currents, the artist’s work is characterized by a playful investigation of abstracted natural form. 

Pete Goldlust

Sam Troutlinks to external site - October 6 - January 3
Sam Trout’s installation will combine sculpture, painting, and lighting to create a visual experience that seeks to evoke a sense of wonder within each viewer. Planning to create a three-dimensional version of his abstract painting style, the artist will be inspired by ideas of sustainability, environmentalism and the balance between overwhelming hope and despair.

Sam Trout

2017 Exhibitions

Liz Tranlinks to external site - March 28 - May 14
Liz Tran’s dynamic mixed media work is inspired by subjects such as “dream imagery, imagined landscapes, geodes, outer space and The Big Bang.” Her colorful and sculptural installations evoke ideas of undiscovered universes and fantastical forms which allow vivid hues and splatters of paint to activate space.

Liz Tran 

Christopher Hartshornelinks to external site - May 23 - July 31
Chaos and turbulence of graphic woodcut lines sprawl across the paper in Hartshorne's dynamic relief prints. He seeks to "immerse the viewer in a chaotic, nebulous landscape, bombarded by webs of accumulating lines."

 Christopher Hartshorne

Elizabeth Gahanlinks to external site - August 12 - October 22
Elizabeth Gahan's work is colorful, bold, and interacts directly with the architecture of the installation site, as if it were an organic growth overtaking a space with vivid geometric forms. Her work "explores the ways in which we construct our surroundings that impact our daily experiences."

 Elizabeth Gahan

Savina Masonlinks to external site - November 3 - January 1
Interests in order, pattern, and materiality are at the heart of the mixed-media work by Savina Mason. Conception of landform is a recurring theme and the light and colors of the Pacific Northwest are visible in her innovative installations.

 Savina Mason