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Sister City Program

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AUBURN'S SISTER CITIES PROGRAM - "Connect Globally, Thrive Locally"

The Auburn Washington Sister Cities Association (AWSCA) is a community based organization providing opportunities for City of Auburn, Washington, residents to develop relationships with the peoples of the world through cultural exchanges, educational programs and community events.

What is a Sister City?
The Sister Cities program was created by President Eisenhower in 1956 to promote peace. The idea was for "individual sister cities, counties, and states across the United States" to link up with the citizens of other countries in an effort to bring about "citizen diplomacy." It's a form of legal and social agreement between towns, cities, counties, prefectures, provinces, regions, states, and even countries in geographically and politically distinct areas to promote cultural and commercial ties.

Who runs Auburn's Sister City program?
The Sister City program is coordinated by the Auburn Washington Sister Cities Association (AWSCA), an independent, nonprofit organization under the direction of a Board of Directors with representation from the City of Auburn, Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce, Auburn Tourism Board, Auburn School District, Green River Community College and each established Sister City Committee. AWSCA provides the framework for each of the Auburn Sister City committees to engage in fostering international relations through cultural and business exchanges, educational and recreational programs.

How does a Sister City get started?
Proposals to establish new Sister City relationships are presented to the AWSCA Board and current City Administration for consideration. This includes submitting a profile of the proposed Sister City, identifying a sponsoring organization and listing the group of volunteers who will develop the Sister City relationship.

Be a Citizen Ambassador - join Auburn's Sister Cities Association!
To get involved contact Auburn's Sister City Liaison Duanna Richards.
Auburn Washington Sister Cities Association
PO Box 2124
Auburn WA 98071
Email Duanna Richards
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Auburn's Sister Cities

Tamba, Japan

Tamba, Japan

  • Established: 1969 
  • Population: 65,000 
  • Rural with many rivers and mountains
  • Shared with Kent, WA 
  • Industry: Agriculture (chestnuts, soybeans), saki, flower preservation, fishing gear 
  • Focus: Youth Ambassador Program, High School Exchange
  • Formal Youth Ambassador Program through KAT (Kent, Auburn, Tamba) Sister City Program. 
    Download the applicationlinks to external site for this Ambassador Program.

South Korea Summit Meeting

Pyeongchang, South Korean

  • Established: 2011 Population: 45,000
  • 4-season resort area surrounded by 7 mountain peaks, 10 million people visit annually
  • Hosting 2018 Winter Olympics 
  • Industry: Agriculture (buck-wheat, huckleberries, vegetables), forestry, livestock, tourism
  • Focus: Middle & High School Exchange, Economic Development

Guanghan, China

Guanghan, China

  • Established: 2013 
  • Population: 590,000 
  • Suburb of Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province 
  • Industry: Tourism & entertainment, pharmaceutical, manufacturing & building materials 
  • Focus: Middle & High School Exchange, Green River College Aviation Program

Mola di Bari, Italy

Mola di Bari, Italy

  • In Process
  • Population: 26,000 
  • Founded prior to 1277 
  • In Southern Italy on Adriatic 
  • Industry: Fishing port, bathing resort, focaccia, soap, buttons, tanneries 
  • University 10-15 minutes away 
  • Focus: Cultural and Educational Exchange, Economic Development