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Kitchen Food Waste Bucket Promotion

For Residential Customers

Got food waste? Make a pledge to "compost more and waste less" and receive a FREE kitchen food scrap bucket, a sample of compostable bags, and a spatula. While supplies last. Residents must live within the city limits of Auburn and have WM Yard+Food Waste service or practice backyard composting or vermicomposting.

Pledge: Compost More. Waste Less. English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese (PDFs)

                 Kitchen bucket - Green with   bag and spatula

Product style may vary. Available while supplies last.

These items are available for pick up at the Customer Service Utility Billing counter (1 East Main Street, 2nd Floor). Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Monday - Friday).

Questions:  Email [email protected] or call 253-931-3038, option #2. 

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