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Capital Projects

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Jacob Sweeting
(Assistant Director of Engineering Services/City Engineer)
Luis Barba
(Project Engineer)
Kim Truong
(Project Engineer)
Jai Carter
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Matt Larson 
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Seth Wickstrom 
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Jeff Bender
(Project Engineer)

Feature Capital Project: Academy Pump Stations Replacement

In 2020, the City issued a series of bonds to help finance replacement and improvements to the City’s potable water supply and distribution system. Many projects are currently underway to help ensure a healthy, continuous, and reliable water supply.

Project Description

The Academy Pump Stations Replacement project was initiated with an assessment of the existing facility to determine the most cost-effective option to replace and upgrade the Academy Pump Station Facility. The Academy Pump Station Facility is comprised of two separate pump stations with 4 total pumps. The first pump station, Academy Pump Station 1, was constructed in 1960 and has served the Auburn water system well with its 2 pumps. The second pump station, Academy Pump Station 2, was constructed in 1980 and houses the other 2 pumps. Both pump stations are supplied onsite by Reservoir 1 and convey water throughout the south Auburn plateau area. 

The assessment determined that Pump Station 1 had reached the end of its useful life and Pump Station 2 would need to be expanded and requires extensive upgrades to meet the system demands as well as building code requirements. As a result, it was determined that construction of a new single pump station that would replace the existing two pump stations was the best option to meet the City’s operational needs. This will allow the City to maintain water service through the existing pump stations until the new pump station is ready to be brought online. Constructing a new pump station will not only reduce potential service interruptions but also make construction sequencing much easier. 

The new pump station will include four vertical turbine variable speed driven pumps. The capacity of the new pump station will be 2,100 gallons per minute (gpm) which will not only meet current system water demands but will allow for future growth. In addition to the new pump station structure, the backup power generator will be replaced with a new self-contained backup power generation system. The existing Academy Pump Station 1 will be demolished, and Academy Pump Station 2 will be re-purposed to serve as a larger storage building.

Project Benefits

New Equipment and Structure:

Much of the existing equipment in the existing pump stations are the original equipment. Building a new pump station will replace the aging structures and equipment, extending the life of the facility by at least 50 years. The new pump station building will be built to current codes and standards and will have more efficient pumps and electrical equipment. This will reduce operational and maintenance costs.
Increased Capacity: Installing new variable speed driven pumps will add flexibility to system operation. These new pumps have been designed and selected to not only meet current system demands but will allow for future growth.

Improved Redundancy:

The new pipe infrastructure has been designed to provide improved redundancy. The new design configuration will provide added flexibility in system operations allowing Maintenance and Operations staff to operate the facility to its fullest capacity while providing options for facility maintenance.

Pump 1
Figure A: Exterior of Pump Station 2

Pump Station 1 Pumps and Piping
Figure B: Pump Station 1 Pumps and Piping

Project Costs and Funding

The estimated cost of this project is $4.35 Million and is fully funded by City water utility funds sourced mostly from bond proceeds. 

Project Schedule

The design of this project was completed in December 2020 and the construction contract was advertised for bids on January 28, 2021. It is anticipated that the project will begin construction during the spring of 2021 and be completed in the summer of 2022. 

Who to contact for more information?

For more information on this project, please contact Jeffrey Bender, P.E., Project Engineer at 253-804-5063 or via email at