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Auburn Maps & GIS - OLD

The Auburn maps and resources below are provided by our Geographic Information Services (GIS) division.

Interactive Maps

Our interactive maps allow users a wide choice of options to search, view, and print maps.


Standard Downloadable Maps

Looking for a particular map? Below is a list of standard maps available for download. To obtain a hard copy of a particular map, please visit the Customer Service Center at 1 E. Main Street.



Custom Map or GIS Data

Much of the City's geographic data is available for sale per the prices below plus Washington State sales tax. A signed public request form is required. Most public requests can be completed within seven to ten business days and will be delivered in ESRI Shapefile format without Metadata.


Existing Map $5 + tax
Custom Map (any non-existing map) $50 + tax


Digital Data Request in ESRI ShapeFile Format without Metadata $50 per hour + tax
All other requests for data or information not specifically listed $50 per hour + tax


CD-Rom $5 + tax

Additional Resources

Additional online map resources are available from both King County and Pierce County, as Auburn is part of both counties.


Be advised that this data is provided by the City "as is" and that the City makes no warranties regarding this data or its fitness for a particular purpose. Users have sole responsibility for the quality of any and all products derived from use of this data. Application, reproduction, or conversion of data to any desired spatial standards or georeferences are the responsibility of the user. Any statements by the user that derived products are based on this data shall include this disclaimer.