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Virtual Toastmaster Club2021-06-24T12:00:002021-06-24T13:00:00 Meeting#FFFFFF<h2>Join a supportive and positive learning environment to empower you to develop your communication and leadership skills.</h2> <p>I joined Toastmasters about a year ago so I could become better and more comfortable speaking in public. Because of COVID, the weekly meetings have turned entirely virtual. At first I thought this was pretty dumb, but it turned out to be a total lifesaver because we now have an opportunity to become way more fluent in meeting and presenting virtually which turns out, is like the skill needed of the year. We talk about lighting, sound quality, how to maximize the best connection, along with of course basic zoom features and presentation skills.</p> <p>We're a normal group of folks looking to support one another on our journey while becoming better leaders and communicators. Join us. It's pretty fun!</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank" title="Website - new window"></a></p>/cms/one.aspx?portalId=11470638&pageId=12522309&objectId.224843=17179218&contextId.224843=12522434&parentId.224843=12522435&localStartDate=2021-06-24T12:00&localEndDate=2021-06-24T13:00&ref=mesTP9fg96fVsgzpWYeogKxttcHNAFvGJVb8AzmEWu0%3d