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Adopt-A-Park allows individuals, groups, churches, businesses, and other organizations to show pride in their community by working to beautify and clean a park or open space in Auburn!

As volunteer stewards, you will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the results of your hard work. The program's mission is to enhance community involvement, pride, and ownership through the general care, maintenance, and beautification of Auburn's parks and trails.

You can help enhance and maintain our public parks and trails by picking up litter, pulling and raking leaves, sweeping courts and walkways, planting trees, reporting park hazards, and other projects.

How to Adopt a Park

You or your group can adopt a park or portion of a trail by volunteering. Here's how it works:

  • Complete the Application below, either online or by sending in a completed PDF
  • You will then be contacted by City staff.
  • Our staff will work with you to identify the project(s) that will provide the greatest benefit to the park and/or trail.
  • Once the adoption is approved, you'll need to sign an Agreement.
  • Each time you volunteer you'll submit a Waiver. 
  • After you've finished volunteering for the day, you will need to submit an Activity Report to the City Coordinator.  
Adopt-a-Park Online Application
Adopt-a-Park Application (PDF)
Adopt-a-Park Agreement (PDF)
Adopt-a-Park Waiver (PDF)
Adopt-a-Park Activity Report (PDF)

What types of duties are required in adopted parks?

  • Picking up trash and litter
  • Raking leaves and pulling weeds
  • Removing invasive plants
  • Fluffing playground sand or wood chips
  • Reporting vandalism, unsafe conditions and/or necessary repairs
  • Special projects that may be assigned by the City staff
Questions? Contact Auburn Parks, Arts & Recreation, 253-931-3043 or email [email protected].