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EIS Scoping Notice (2024 Periodic Update)

2024 Periodic Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Auburn is issuing an EIS Scoping for the following described project. 

Proposal: Invitation to Comment and Notice for the 2024 Auburn Comprehensive Plan. Scoping Period October 23, 2023 to November 13, 2023 for the 2024 Periodic Comprehensive Plan Update. The proposal is a non-project action to update the Comprehensive Plan per state requirements. The previous Periodic Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2015 and has provided the framework for development of the city for the past 8-years. The revised 2024 Comprehensive Plan is envisioned to supplement the existing plan by providing a refreshed perspective of the land use, development, and transportation options serving the city while complying with state, regional, and county requirements.

Location: City of Auburn – Citywide

Auburn Comp Plan Scoping Notice and Handout (PDF)

Lead Agency: City of Auburn

EIS Required: The lead agency has determined this non-project proposal is likely to have a significant adverse impact on the environment. An environmental impact statement (EIS) is required under RCW 43.21C.030 (2)(c) and will be prepared. The lead agency has identified the following areas for potential discussion in the EIS: Land Use, Housing and displacement, Transportation, Public services and utilities, Water Quality, Noise, Plants and animals, Historic resources. 

Public Comment Scoping: Agencies, affected tribes, and members of the public are invited to comment on the scope of the 2024 Comprehensive Plan and related project environmental impacts. You may comment on alternatives, mitigation measures, probable significant adverse impacts, and licenses or other approvals that may be required. Comments will be accepted on: Growth alternatives, Mitigation measures, Probable significant adverse impacts. 

Comment Period: 8:00 AM (PST) October 23, 2023, to 5:00 PM (PST) November 13, 2023. To submit a comment, please email the project manager at the address below or attend an upcoming public meeting. 

Project Manager and Agency Contact: Josh Steiner, AICP, Senior Planner , Auburn Downtown Plan & Planned Action EIS Scoping Comments, Department of Community Development, 1 E. Main Street, Second Floor, Auburn, WA 98002, 253-931-3090, [email protected]

SEPA Responsible Official: Jeff Tate, Director of Community Development, [email protected]. For more information on this process, and to submit comments directly to the 2024 Auburn Comprehensive Plan Update team, please consider attending an upcoming public meeting or emailing the project manager. Upcoming meeting dates and times will be posted on the project website at: www.speakupauburn.og/downtown-plan

Date Issued: October 23, 2023