Community Matching Grants

Program Overview 

The City of Auburn's Neighborhood Program strives to create and maintain safe and friendly neighborhoods that keep Auburn a great place to work, live and raise a family. The Neighborhood Program offers Community Matching Grants (previously known as Neighborhood Matching Grants) to create and support partnerships between the City of Auburn and community groups and organizations to produce resident-initiated projects. The community identifies a project they would like to complete and determines what they are able to contribute (cash, volunteer hours, in-kind services, etc.) and then applies for a cash grant from the City to match the amount provided by the community. The City awards funds based on the benefits the proposed projects generate for Auburn residents, with a maximum of $5,000 per project.

What types of projects can this Grant be used for?

See our Request for Proposals (PDF) for more detailed information

  • beautification projects
  • clean-up activities
  • art projects, especially those that reflect the people of the neighborhood
  • activities that promote crime prevention
  • projects that address a particular neighborhood issue or concern
  • projects that help organize neighborhood groups and promote civic engagement
  • projects that engage the diverse populations within the targeted project area
  • community events to bring residents together

What are some examples of projects?

  • neighborhood sign installation
  • community garden
  • disaster preparedness projects
  • tree planting - see Tree Planting Guide (PDF) for more information
  • Rainworks - positive messages and art, created with a clear paint, that appear when it rains
  • Little Free Library - creation and installation
  • utility box art (graffiti prevention)

Community Matching Grant Program Process

What does the process for the Grant look like?

  • Community group fills out an application and submits it   
  • Application is reviewed by appropriate City staff. If the application is approved…
  • Applicant will sign a contract with the City of Auburn that outlines the project and earmarks funding for the project
  • Applicant will complete the project within a year of signing the contract
  • Applicant will submit receipts to the City
    • Receipts must be submitted within the calendar year in which they are accrued
  • Receipts that reflect costs related to the project (as outlined in the application/contract) will be reimbursed
  • Once reimbursement is approved, City of Auburn’s Finance Department will mail a check to the applicant

Thinking of applying for a Grant? Here are some things to consider:

Is my community group eligible to apply for a Community Matching Grant?

  • Applicants for the Matching Grant program must be a group of at least 3 or more people who are representing a community within the City limits of Auburn.
  • The applicants must either be a part of an incorporated entity (like an HOA) or partner with an organization.    
  • If you are not a part of an incorporated entity, the City can work with you to try to find a partner organization, but there are no guarantees that one will be available.
  • Community groups must be inclusive of all residents who would like to participate.

Is my project idea eligible for reimbursement through the Community Matching Grant?

  1. Does your project provide one of the below services to your community group?
    • Opportunity to connect residents with one another
    • Keeps residents vigilante against crime
    • Creates an attachment between residents and their community
    • Helps children excel and stay in school
    • Maintains safe and beautiful communities in Auburn
  2. Do you have the support of the majority of the group directly affected by the project?
    • You must be able to answer "yes" to this question. A Support Form is required as part of your application
  3. Can you match the amount you are requesting from the City (max $5,000)? Ways to match include:
    • Volunteer hours (valued at $30/hour)
    • In-kind donations
    • Donated services
    • Cash
    • Supplies donated  
  4. Can your group afford the project in its entirety upfront while waiting for reimbursement from the Matching Grant Program? 

How does a community apply?

Applications will be taken on a rolling basis throughout each calendar year. Grant awards will be made until the City's appropriation for Community Matching Grants is exhausted. Applicants who do not receive funding are welcome to re-apply.

Application Documents

Proposals must be made on the application form provided by the City. Telephone or oral request will not be considered.

Drop-off completed applications to the City of Auburn Customer Service Center on the second floor of 1 East Main St.
Submit via mail, email, or fax:

  • City of Auburn
    ATTN: Neighborhood Programs
    25 West Main Street
    Auburn, Washington 98001
  • Email Erika Klyce
  • Fax: 253-288-3132