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Our Hiring Process
Hiring Process


Overview of Our Hiring Process

The recruitment for Police Officers can be intimidating for candidates, but Team Auburn is here to help every step of the way! The overall process can take several months to complete as we walk candidates through the following:

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  • Written test & physical test with Public Safety Testing (Laterals apply directly online)
  • Panel interview
  • Initial review of the Personal History Statement (PHS), Supplemental Questionnaire, and other required documents
  • Background Investigation
  • Polygraph and fingerprinting
  • Chief's interview
  • Conditional offer, psychological exam and medical/drug screening (and Physical Fitness test for Laterals)

We Are Here to Help!

We recognize how intimidating it can be to go through the Civil Service hiring process and Team Auburn is dedicated to providing opportunities for candidates to be successful.

APD Text Button - Virtual Seminar We will provide a virtual hiring seminar!
Candidates who pass written test with Public Safety Testing (PST), with a score of 70% or higher, will be invited to interview. As part of this process, candidates will receive a link to a virtual hiring seminar that is packed with great tips on how to prepare for your interview with our panel.
To start preparing now, check out these guides: Improve Your Writing Skills (PDF) | Roadmap to Law Enforcement (PDF)

APD Text Button - Questions in advance We will give you the interview questions in advance!
Sitting in front of the oral board panel is arguably one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the hiring process. But here at Team APD, we do things a little different. We want you to be successful, so we will give Entry Level candidates 20 minutes to review all of the interview questions before meeting with the panel.

APD Text Button - Reimburse Test We will reimburse your test fees!
We recognize that taking the written test and physical test with Public Safety Testing (PST) can be costly for candidates and we want to assist with the process. Candidates who successfully pass their panel interview with Auburn will be reimbursed up to $50 for their Public Safety Testing (PST) fee.

APD Text Button - APD MentorWe will provide you with an APD Mentor!

The "top 5" on our Entry Level hiring list will be paired with a current Auburn Police Officer as part of our Team APD mentorship program. Our APD mentors will be matched with candidates based on their experience, education, military backgrounds, and other interests. Our mentors will offer encouragement and advice, take the candidate on a ride-along and will help answer any questions along the way. (And all candidates on our hiring list are eligible for a ride-along!)


FAQ Police

Who is the ideal Team APD Member?
The ideal Team Auburn PD officer doesn't look one particular way or approach policing with one set of skills. We recognize that policing involves varied roles and is done most effectively by a force made up of officers with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

What are the unique benefits of being a Team APD Member?
Team Auburn PD is small enough for officers to see and take ownership of the impact they have on our communities - yet large enough to provide engaging and exciting opportunities for officers to develop a variety of policing skills and experience. We invest heavily in the growth and development of the officers of Team Auburn PD. Our Officers are such valuable members of our communities and their exemplary work is the best return on this investment.

What is Public Safety Testing (PST)?
Auburn PD contracts with Public Safety Testing to conduct the written and physical test for Entry Level candidates. These tests are the first step to joining our team. Based on your test scores, the top candidates will be sent an invitation to apply on our website. PST administers Law Enforcement testing throughout the state. Out-of-State testing is also available upon request. To learn more and begin your application, visit

Do Lateral Police Officer candidates test with Public Safety Testing?
No. Lateral candidates may apply directly on the City of Auburn employment website, There is no written test, however a physical abilities test (PDF) is administered after a conditional offer of employment is extended. The physical abilities test is administered through Exercise Science.

What do I need to know about police work, procedures and law enforcement before I take the written and physical test?
You don't need to have police knowledge or experience to take the written or physical test to join Team APD. The written test is meant to measure skills and characteristics related to the job. The physical test is meant to prepare candidates for the Basic Law Enforcement Academy and the physical requirements of a career in Law Enforcement. For more information about each test, click the following links: Written Test  |  Physical Ability Test

How do I know if something in my past or background check would disqualify me from joining Team APD?
There are common misconceptions about past activities or personal history that disqualify you from being a Police Officer. While certain past illegal activities and inappropriate behavior (known as DQs or disqualifiers) automatically make you ineligible for Team APD, the most important thing is to be honest. Answer all the background questions honestly and don't hesitate to ask us at any time during the process if you think your background check will contain DQ's. View the Automatic Disqualifiers (PDF) and if you have specific questions regarding your background, please contact Human Resources at 253-931-3040.

What if I've been disqualified from the hiring process with another police agency?
Being disqualified with another agency does not necessarily have an impact on your application for Team APD. If your background does not include any disqualifiers and you are honest and upfront throughout our process, your previous DQ will likely not affect your application. Keep in mind, during the background investigation, we will verify that the information provided to Auburn PD matches the information provided to other agencies you've applied to. Inconsistencies and/or failing to disclose information to us will result in disqualification from our hiring process.

Why do you ask such probing and often embarrassing questions during the background investigation?
We know that answering some of the questions is uncomfortable, but we're not trying to embarrass you. A unique advantage to being a member of Team APD means that you'll be given major responsibilities and authority on day one, where honesty and transparency matter. We're not looking for perfection; we're looking for honesty and good judgment.

The Personal History Statement (PHS) required by Public Safety Testing asks for a lot of detailed information on my family members and associates. How do you use this information?
The information listed in the PHS is the starting point for your background investigation. Our background investigator will talk with family members and associates about your character and past history. Please note that immigration status and other related issues of those listed in the PHS is not verified during the process nor is it a factor in the applicant's review.

Entry Level Lateral

Questions about joining Team APD?

Call 253-931-3040 or email Human Resources