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Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services is set up to support and assist the Auburn Police Department in any activity not requiring a commissioned officer.


Citizens On Patrol (COP)

The Citizens On Patrol is the heart of the Volunteer Program. As a COP, you will learn the proper operation of the city vehicles, cell phones, radios, radar units, and other devices. You will be trained on the paperwork to support those functions and work closely with the Community Program Officers, other department personnel and other volunteers. As a COP you will participate in pairs or groups in Witness Subpoena Program, Disabled Parking Citations, Park & Ride and City Park Patrol, Extra Neighborhood Patrol, Vacation House Checks, Officer Assistance, and Neighborhood Speed watch utilizing the radar trailer or radar gun.


The Volunteers are present at several events throughout the year. Some of these include 4th of July Festival, KidsDay, Auburn Days, Clean Sweep, and other events as requested.


Involves interaction with the general public at the Auburn Police Station, assisting with completion of required paperwork, and imprints for concealed weapons permits or employment purposes.

Block Watch

Assist Community Program Officers as they schedule, coordinate and facilitate neighborhood meetings designed to have neighbors watching out for neighbors. Once a Block Watch has been established, the city provides appropriate signs.


Provide assistance to various units and individuals within the department. This may require specific skills and will be of both a short and long term nature.

Public Relations

The Volunteers will provide a speaker to discuss the various aspects of the program. Speakers are designated by Community Program Officers. Please call 253-804-5004 to arrange for a speaker.

Additional Information

Vacation House Checks - Due to COVID-19 volunteer staffing restrictions have occurred and as a result the house watch service is not currently available.

Disabled Parking Citations - Members of the Auburn Police Volunteers are authorized by the Chief of Police to issue disabled parking citations. There is a $300 fine for illegally parking in a disabled parking spot in Auburn. 

Neighborhood Speed Watch - One of the most consistent complaints received by the Police Department is that of vehicles speeding through residential neighborhoods. Neighborhood Speed Watch is a public awareness program in which residents can take an active role in slowing down traffic on their street. 

Membership Meetings - The Auburn Police Volunteers hold monthly meetings, normally the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM. Please call the Volunteer Office for more information.

How To Become A Volunteer

The first step is to fill out the volunteer application. All volunteers submit to a criminal background check, including sex offenses. If the background check is passed, a panel interview will be conducted and references checked. If selected after interview, the volunteer will be trained to serve their community.

For more information on the volunteer program or how to become a volunteer, please email Stephanie Bennett, or stop by the Police Department.