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Coal Creek Springs Transmission Main Project Replacement Project (CP1603)

Project Description:
About half of the City’s potable water comes from Coal Creek Springs which is located in southeast Auburn near the White River and Game Farm Wilderness Park. A two-foot diameter transmission main conveys this water approximately two miles from Coal Creek Springs to the City’s water treatment and storage facilities. This transmission main runs underground through Game Farm Wilderness Park, the White River, and then Game Farm Park on its way to the storage and treatment facility.  This critical transmission main was originally built in the 1920s and most of it was replaced in the 1960s.  However approximately 870 feet of pipe under the White River and in Game Farm Wilderness Park was never replaced and is reaching 100 years of age. 

The Coal Creek Springs Transmission Main Replacement project will replace the section of pipe underneath the White River. This pipe would be extremely difficult or impossible to repair if it were to break.  The City analyzed numerous alternatives to determine the best method to get the new pipe across the river including drilling underneath the river, digging a trench through the river bottom, lining the existing pipe, and installing a bridge over the river.  In coordination with numerous government agencies, it was ultimately determined a bridge was the most viable option.  Since the project is located over and next to the White River, a high priority for this project was to minimize the impacts to the river and shoreline.  As part of this project, all large trees that are removed during construction will be placed at the edge of the river at a separate mitigation site to create fish habitat. The project will also plant new trees and native vegetation to restore any habitat along the river that is impacted by construction activities.

The bridge being located between Game Farm Park and Game Farm Wilderness Park presented a great opportunity to connect these two popular City parks by constructing pedestrian facilities on top of the water utility bridge and extending the existing paved trail systems in both parks to connect to the bridge. The new transmission main will hang underneath the bridge walkway. The bridge will also provide flexibility for potential future utility connections across the river if needed.

 Project Location


The City has received a Drinking Water State Revolving Fund loan to partially fund the design and construction of this project.  This is a low interest loan administered by the Washington State Department of Health.  This loan will be combined with City Water Utility and Parks Funds to fully fund the project as shown below:

$3,935,000    Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan

$1,170,000    City of Auburn (sourced from City Water Fund)

$210,000       City of Auburn (sourced from City Parks Fund)

$5,315,000    Total Project Funds

Project Schedule

The project design is being finalized with construction anticipated to begin in Summer 2023 and be completed by Fall 2024.

Who to contact for more information?

For more information on this Project, please contact:

Seth Wickstrom, P.E., Project Engineer at 253-804-5034 or email at [email protected].

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