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Photo Enforcement

If you received a notice of infraction for speeding in the school zone, caught by a speed camera, please reach out to the King County Court.

King County Court Customer Service: 1-866-790-4111
To request a hearing: 206-205-9200
To pay an infraction:

To view your infraction video: - You will need the notice number and PIN number, located at the top of your Notice of Infraction, to access the information.

Program Goal:

To increase driver compliance in the reduced speed zones and improve students’ safety near schools.

With this program, enforcement is constant during the reduced speed times, effectively influencing driver behavior.

Key issues in school zones:

  • Speeding is behavioral (driver choice)
  • Additional enforcement is needed to improve safety and speed compliance.
  • There are not enough traffic officers to provide the needed level of enforcement to effectively influence driver behavior in all school zones.
  • There are ongoing concerns reported regularly about speeding in school zones
  • Higher speeds increase the likely level of injuries and fatalities in crashes involving pedestrians

Photo Enforcement Study

A recent study revealed that up to 45% of vehicles were traveling at, or above 26 MPH within the 20 MPH speed limit in active school zones within the City of Auburn.

How it works:

When speeding vehicles drive past active school zone flashing beacons, the safety camera is activated, taking pictures of the back of the vehicles and recording a short video of the infraction, displaying the vehicle speed. After review and if determined to be valid by an Auburn Police Officer, the Notice of Violations are mailed to the registered owner of the vehicles.

How it works diagram

The speed safety camera system uses a 3 Dimensional (3D) tracking radar, high resolution digital camera and high definition video camera. The 3D radar identifies any vehicle traveling faster than the predetermined speed and triggers both the camera and video, which capture the event.

  • The first mage shows the vehicle driving in excess of the predetermined speed with the flashers activated.
  • The second image shows the distance and time the vehicle has traveled with the flashers activated.
  • The license plate is taken from a close-up of one of the images captured.
  • Additional data collected includes the time, date, posted speed, vehicle speed, location, lane and direction of travel.
  • No photo or video of the driver is taken.

Camera Locations:

Signs indicate photo enforcement at each location.

Active Cameras: (Infractions effective September 6, 2023 - First Day of School.)

  • Ilalko Elementary School / Riverside High School
    Oravetz Rd SE, both directions

  • Lakeland Elementary School
    Lakeland Hills Way SE, Northbound

  • Mt Baker Middle School
    37th St SE, Eastbound

  • Evergreen Heights Elementary School
    S. 316th St, Westbound 

  • Arthur Jacobson Elementary School / Mountainview High School
    132nd Ave SE, both directions

  • Olympic Middle School / Pioneer Elementary School
    21st St SE, both directions

  • Olympic Middle School
    17th St SE, Eastbound

  • Gildo Rey Elementary
    M St SE, Southbound

  • Evergreen Heights Elementary School
    S. 316th St, Eastbound

Outreach and Education:

We want to make sure that Auburn residents are aware of this program, and that this awareness will encourage them to respect the reduced speed limit within the school zones when beacons are flashing, to improve students’ safety. Below are different ways that the City is ensuring that drivers are aware of this program.

Warning period:

30 days prior to each camera activation, the location will be posted with a sign indicating the school zone is “camera enforced”. During these first 30 days, registered owners of vehicles  speeding through the school zone will receive a “Courtesy Warning Notice” in the mail, to let them know that they were driving above the speed limit in the school zone and that the City is implementing a school zone safety program that will use automated safety cameras to enforce speeding in marked school zones. However, no citations will be issued during the warning period(s).

School outreach:

The City and the Auburn School District have coordinated regarding this program, and the School District had the opportunity to review and provide input on the proposed camera locations.

Prior to camera activation, the City will work with the School District and each individual school where a camera will be installed, to share information with staff and families about the program.

Magazine articles:

An article was published in the Summer 2022 Auburn Magazine with information about the program. Another article was published in the Fall 2022 Auburn Magazine.


This webpage contains the most current information about this program. Additionally, the webpage can be translated in over 140 languages. To translate, use this Translation link and then select a language from the drop down list at the top of the page.

Speed Camera Annual Report:

Washington State Law requires cities using automated traffic safety cameras (photo enforcement) to publish an annual report showing the number of infractions issued and the number of collisions for each camera location.

The annual report will be published when collision data is available from the State for the previous years, to ensure collision data is complete, and these reports will be posted here.

2023 Annual Report (PDF)

Why did the City implement a school zone photo enforcement program?
  • Reduced speed limits in school zones improve the safety of students walking to and from school
  • School zone safety cameras provide continuous enforcement when beacons are flashing that influence driver behavior and improve safety
  • The community has voiced concern about students’ safety in school zones where drivers do not obey the speed limit
  • There are not enough traffic officers available to enforce the reduced speed limit in all school zones consistently enough to influence driver behavior
Which criteria was used to choose which school zone would be part of this program?

A study of active school zones was conducted in 2022 and based on the results, the selection prioritized school zones with the highest volumes of non-compliance with the reduced speed limit.

Once the priority locations were identified, student demographic data was reviewed to ensure that the program would benefit the student population within the City equitably.

Are school zone speed safety cameras legal in Washington State?
Yes, this is authorized pursuant to RCW 46.63.170 as well as by Auburn City Code (ACC) Chapter 10.42.
Which company provides photo enforcement services in Auburn?
The City has a contract with American Traffic Solutions, Inc, doing business as Verra Mobility, which provides photo enforcement services for more than 300 communities in North America, including several other jurisdictions in King County and Pierce County.
How will I be notified of an infraction?

After review and issuance by an Auburn Police Officer, Notices of Infraction are mailed to the registered vehicle owner.

How much is a speeding ticket in a photo enforced school zone?

The fine for violations issued based on speed safety cameras is $200 if paid by the due date. A $10 penalty will be assessed for failure to respond to the Notice of Infraction or failure to pay by the due date.

Where can I review the photos and video of the violation?

The pictures and the video are available to view at You will need the notice number and PIN number located in the red box on the top right of your Notice of Infraction. See highlighted area below:Infraction Notice

Will this traffic violation appear on my driving record and affect my insurance rate?

No. This violation is treated similarly to a parking violation and will not appear on your driving record and will not impact your insurance rate. It is a civil infraction and is not reported to any insurance companies.

What happens if I ignore the notice of infraction?

Late payment (submitted after the due date) or failure to respond by the due date will result in an additional $10 fee. (Auburn City Code (ACC) Chapter 10.42)

Additionally, infractions left unpaid will be referred to collections.

How do I pay the fine?
How can I request a court hearing?

You may request a Mitigation or a Contested Hearing following the guidelines included on the back of your Notice of Infraction.

What can I do if I was not the one driving my vehicle, if I was not the owner, or it was stolen?

You may file an Affidavit of Non-Liability by the due date on the Notice of Infraction. This form is available at

The registered owner is presumed to have been in control when the violation occurred. You will need to include supporting documentation or additional information substantiating that you were not driving the vehicle with the Affidavit of Non-Liability, which will be reviewed by the King County District Court.  The Court will notify you of the outcome by mail. Providing the Affidavit will not automatically result in the dismissal of your infraction.

Make sure that you review the video of the violation prior to requesting a hearing.

Who can I talk to at the City of Auburn about this program?
Please contact the City of Auburn's Public Works Engineering department and ask to speak to the Transportation section at 253-931-3010.