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Art on Main

Art on MainA program of the City of Auburn, Art on Main is Auburn's newest art exhibition space. Artists are selected through an annual application process to install 3-dimensional or multi-media art installations in a public window-front exhibition space in downtown Auburn. The program offers a $1,000 artist stipend to support the creation of new work and site-specific projects, or the installation of existing work. Art on Main is located on East Main Street between N. Division St. and Auburn Avenue.

For information on this art opportunity visit our Call To Artists page.

2021 Exhibitions

Jay Lazerwitz - January 18 - April 4
"This installation project conjoins elemental references of structure and space; intermingling historical precedents, figure-ground studies of cities, miniature inhabitations, archeology, and imagined places into sculptures and paintings of constructed inhabitations, and imagined miniature worlds. The built environment is central to my focus. My artwork is very much influenced by a passion for architecture and ecology, and is a confluence of natural and architectonic forms. I place these two paradigms in juxtaposition, in order to keep questioning the balance of human interaction with the natural world."

Jay Lazerwitz Art on Main 2021

May Kytonen - April 17 - July 5
Artist May Kytonen will create an installation, titled “Yuán Fèn: We Were Fated,” of hanging tapestries utilizing batik wax resist dyeing that depict the Four Symbols: the mythological creatures featured in Chinese constellations, the guardians of the four cardinal directions. The artist describes how “Yuán Fèn is a word for how fate ties together people and places - invisible forces that guide us in our journeys. The mythological creatures featured in each panel, or the Four Symbols, are found in Chinese constellations and serve as guardians of the four cardinal directions. This work is an invitation to see the invisible threads that connect us all.

Artwork by May Kytonen entitled In the Fabric of Space and Time

Carol Williams - July 17 - October 3
“A Seattle-based, interdisciplinary artist who makes work that engages audiences in conversations about social, environmental and racial justice. Throughout her practice, Williams contends that the only way to shift race relations and understand climate change is through collective imaginings and re-imaginings of equitable relationships to the land, animals and resources. Williams’ aesthetic forms fall, swim, fly, drip and grow through various layers of reality, spirituality and data analysis. Her narrative installations reject the tidy, toxic logic of scarcity models, suggesting powerful alternatives in collective storytelling, collective ownership, collective re-valuing of biospecies and collective commitments to sustainable environmental practices over time.”

Carol Williams Art on Main 2021

Susan Woolf - October 16 - January 2, 2022
Woolf’s installation titled “State of the Forest” will include dramatic paintings of burned trees suspended from the ceiling, printed on 2-3 layers of transparent silk organza. As a self-proclaimed “lifelong outdoor person,” the artist’s work is inspired by climate change and the environment, including recent PNW wildfires. She writes how “close-up studies of individual trees became my metaphor for our predilection for cooking the planet. Yet for all my anxiety and grief, I also see unusual beauty. Wildfire fighters call fire-carved standing snags “totems:” in some ways they are all the same – carbonized, eaten away; yet each one different - the fire’s physics and the tree’s biology create unique sculptures. Each ridge and fissure becomes a landscape unto itself. Char remains iridescent for up to a decade, reflecting local light and color.”

Susan Woolf Art on Main 2021