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Downtown Sculpture Gallery

The City of Auburn's 2021-2022 Downtown Sculpture Gallery showcases ten outdoor sculptures of various sizes, types and mediums. Primarily located along Main Street, the sculpture gallery changes annually providing different artwork for Auburn residents to experience and enjoy. Watch for new sculptures arriving annually in September.
The Downtown Sculpture Gallery was partially funded through Local Revitalization4Culture Financing funding received from the State of Washington and 4Culture King County Lodging Tax. 

Our annual People's Choice Award contest is also underway for the new 2021-22 sculptures, so please join the fun and vote for your favorite artwork. The artist whose sculpture receives the most votes will win a $500 award.

People's Choice Award - Place Your Vote Here!

Sculpture Gallery Map

Check out the 2021-2022 sculptures:

Karsten BoysenArtist: Karsten Boysen
Title: Rockitdog
Medium: Upcycled welded scrap steel
Location: 1st Street NE & N Division (#3)

"Rockitdog" was inspired by the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, which is also called the "dogstar".  The welded upcycled abstract steel sculpture with International safety yellow powder coat is bright, dynamic, and large enough to capture people's attention.

Tim DuffyArtist: Tim Duffy
Title: Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Medium: Bronze
Location: 10 E Main Street (#5)

As I see it, bronze illuminates the ancient and the futuristic. Most times, both at once. This tale here is told with some mystery; all four seasons do apply.

Chuck FitzgeraldArtist: Chuck Fitzgerald 
Title: Star Gazer
Medium: Aluminum
Location: E Main Street & Auburn Ave. (#6)

The artist has been studying hummingbirds for quite some time, “their color, speed (wing movement up to 90 times a second), and habits amaze me.” Fitzgerald has been creating hummingbirds using aluminum, stainless steel and fiberglass for several years.

Seward JohnsonArtist: Seward Johnson
Title: Los Mariachis
Medium: Bronze
Location: D Street NE & Main (#9)

Los Mariachis, by Seward Johnson, celebrates the vibrant musical style which originated in Mexico in the l8th century.

Los Mariachis by Seward Johnson © 2013 The Seward Johnson Atelier, Inc.

Jennifer KapnekArtist: Jennifer Kapnek
Title: Encircled in Cycles
Medium: Wood, acrylic, tree stump
Location: R St. SE & 29th St. SE (#10)

Observing and celebrating the language of nature.

Ed McCarthyArtist: Ed McCarthy
Title: Porcupine
Medium: Stainless steel and painted stainless steel
Location: 10 E Main Street (#4)

"Porcupine" is an abstract study in shape and color. The sculpture is from a body of work of glyphic-like animals, each piece possessing an ancient quality.

Rodger SquirrellArtist: Rodger Squirrell
Title: Ribbon
Medium: Stainless steel
Location: A Street SW & Main (#2)

Made from the remnants of another sculpture, this stainless steel piece has a fresh, light look. It uses the sine wave pattern that has inspired many of Squirrell's pieces, expressing a harmonious and rythmic flow among the gently curved vertical waves.

Ken TurnerArtist: Ken Turner
Title: Temporal Order
Medium: Stainless steel
Location: Auburn Way S & Main (#8)

We watch the stars dancing. The earth responds. Now’s the time.

Milo White and Lin McJunkinArtist: Milo White and Lin McJunkin
Title: Mi Paloma Brilla
Medium: Stainless steel, cast glass
Location: B Street SW & Main (#1)

What the world needs especially right now is a peaceful transition from all the sickness and shouting to healing and positive change. We chose the dove, a universal symbol of peace, to convey our hopes for a healthy, prosperous and meaningful future for us all.

MacRae WyldeArtist: MacRae Wylde
Title: The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman
Medium: Varnished steel, paint
Location: B Street NE & B Street Parking Lot (#7)
The Hill We Climb. By Amanda Gorman, The poem, a marker for our time, so eloquently speaks to the truth, and yet, still finds Hope.

Image of a sculpture

Artist: Jenny Ellsworth
Title: Athena
Medium: Salvaged semi truck transmission gears
Location: Main Street between B Street and Auburn Avenue

My inspiration for Athena came when I found a tiny blue egg high up on a mountain in New Zealand. Robins symbolize passion, renewal and growth while eggs are a symbol of life.