Art on Main

Art on MainA program of the City of Auburn, Art on Main is Auburn's newest art exhibition space. Artists are selected through an annual application process to install 3-dimensional or multi-media art installations in a public window-front exhibition space in downtown Auburn. The program offers a $1,000 artist stipend to support the creation of new work and site-specific projects, or the installation of existing work. Art on Main is located on East Main Street between N. Division St. and Auburn Avenue.

For information on this art opportunity visit our Call To Artists page.

2020 Exhibitions

Amanda Triplett - January 18 - April 5
Amanda Triplett's installation "Earthen Body" “explores the relationship of our human bodies to the body of the earth through hand sewn, salvaged textiles.” Triplett seeks to “make art in the space where fine art and craftwork intersect… to manipulate, layer, and embroider salvaged fibers into abstractions of biology.” Recycled materials are often the centerpiece of her creations and ideas of sustainability and ecology are integral themes to her thought-provoking art installations.

Artwork by Amanda Triplett entitled "Earthen Body"

May Kytonen - April 18 - July 5
Artist May Kytonen will create an installation, titled “Yuán Fèn: We Were Fated,” of hanging tapestries utilizing batik wax resist dyeing that depict the Four Symbols: the mythological creatures featured in Chinese constellations, the guardians of the four cardinal directions. The artist describes how “Yuán Fèn is a word for how fate ties together people and places - invisible forces that guide us in our journeys. The mythological creatures featured in each panel, or the Four Symbols, are found in Chinese constellations and serve as guardians of the four cardinal directions. This work is an invitation to see the invisible threads that connect us all.

Artwork by May Kytonen entitled In the Fabric of Space and Time

Margaret Byrd - July 18 - October 4
Installation artist Margaret Byrd will create a colorful and kinetic abaca fiber installation for the City of Auburn. Often creating work that is very temporary and ephemeral, she believes that “by creating transient work that mingles with its environment, I invite the viewer to pause, if only for a passing moment, and wonder why.” When creating her dynamic sculptural installations, she is “enchanted by the notion of art outside the traditional confines of four walls and how it can produce visual curiosity when one stumbles upon it unexpectedly.”

Artwork by Margaret Byrd entitled Swizzle Sticks.

Fumi Amano - October 17 - January 3, 2021
Exploring the history of Japanese Americans and their displacement during World War II, artist Fumi Amano creates sculptural and installation artworks intended to convey the “feeling when they left their home… to create a glass house to remember their history, feeling, and loneliness.” By utilizing materials often found in a domestic home, the artist explores the conceptual connotations of home as a “private space, as well as a symbol of women.”

Artwork by Fumi Amano entitled Shape of Memory