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Downtown Sculpture Gallery

The City of Auburn's 2020-2021 Downtown Sculpture Gallery showcases eleven outdoor sculptures of various sizes, types and mediums. Primarily located along Main Street, the sculpture gallery changes annually providing different artwork for Auburn residents to experience and enjoy. Watch for new sculptures arriving annually in September.
The Downtown Sculpture Gallery was partially funded through Local Revitalization4Culture Financing funding received from the State of Washington and 4Culture King County Lodging Tax. 

Map of sculpture locations

Check out the 2020-2021 sculptures:

The Corkscrew JuniperArtist: Ben Dye
Title: Reach
Medium: Recycled stainless steel
Location: A Street SW & Main (#2)

"Reach" is an exploration is our fascination with small parts that create a large form. Like sand on the beach, leaves on trees or scale on fish. We are drawn to these mathematical sequences found in nature.

Ann Danis "Seahorse"Artist: Steve Farris
Title: Orbe Aberge
Medium: Steel
Location: Auburn Way S & Main (#9)

This sculpture was an experiment to combine the symmetry of the base column with the irregularity of the random and unfinished sphere and to emphasize the interplay between the two.

Chuck Fitzgerald "Strawberry"Artist: Jan Hoy
Title: Twining II
Medium: Corten steel
Location: 1st Street NE & N Division (#3)

"Twining II" is composed of two similar arcing forms, one a complete arc and one that rests on a foot. They "twine" toward and beside one another. The sculpture is composed of Corten steel, the naturally rusting steel.

Ed McCarthyArtist: Ed McCarthy
Title: I Watch the Salmon from the Bridge Above
Medium: Painted steel
Location: B Street SW & Main (#1)

This piece is from a family of sculptures, shaped by city objects. The original body of work intends to inspire visitors to reflect on their place in urban dwellings as well as their relationship to each other while navigating the city.

Cow That Tried to Jump Over the HamburgerArtist: Louise McDowell
Title: The Gardener
Medium: Bronze
Location: 10 E Main Street (#4)

"The Gardener" is a bit meditative as she digs into the earth to plant seeds for a future bounty. She radiates a sense of hope for tomorrow's harvest and a determination to make it happen.

Wendy Ray "Cogburn's Roost"Artist: Wendy Ray
Title: Cogburn’s Roost
Medium: Steel and stainless steel
Location: R St. SE & 29th St. SE (#11)

Cogburn and his roost are built entirely from repurposed materials adding to his humble and approachable personality.  He is eager to share his roost with you and be in your next selfie!

Nathan Robles "The Guide"Artist: Nathan Robles
Title: The Guide
Medium: Steel and clear enamel
Location: D Street NE & Main (#10)

Nathan Robles’ sculpture “The Guide” is symbolic of the meaningful relationships that shape who we are. This piece features seven human figures and invites the viewer to consider the interconnections of our lives.

Mark Stevenson "Water Watcher"Artist: Mark Twain Stevenson
Title: Water Watcher
Medium: Stainless steel
Location: 10 E Main Street (#5)

Healthy human adults are 60+% water, infants are 85%. Water Watcher reminds us of the need for clean water for all life. Water is life!

Ken Turner "Day In Day Out"Artist: Ken Turner
Title: Day In Day Out
Medium: Stainless steel
Location: B Street NE & Main (#7)

The sun rises. The sun sets.

Kris Vermeer "Family Tree"Artist: Kris Vermeer
Title: Family Tree
Medium: Steel
Location: B Street NE & B Street Parking Lot (#8)

Family tree represents not only our families but how I see life in general. We may all choose different paths, but we all share the same foundation.

Leon White "The Night Watchman"Artist: MacRae Wylde
Title: Truth
Medium: Laquered steel
Location: E Main Street & Auburn Ave. (#6)

"Truth" the sculpture is a monument to the concept.  It is a concept that applies across all boundaries. It cares not where you come from or who your parents were, it does not care what party you belong to or what group you are part of.  Like the concept, "Truth" the sculpture will last forever, yet with neglect it will start to rust.