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Upcoming Events

Christmas Tree Recycle Collection Event

Recycle your organic Christmas tree and wreath for free!

*** Rescheduled for JANUARY 10-14, 2022 ***

  • Single-family & duplex residents:  Place your tree/wreath by your carts on your garbage collection day by 7:00 AM.
  • Mobile home park residents:  Check with your property manager on where to place your tree/wreath on garbage collection day by 7:00 AM.
  • Multifamily residents: Place your tree/wreath by the garbage collection area on Monday, January 10 by 7:00 AM


  • Cut tree into 4 foot pieces or smaller.
  • Tree truck should be no wider than 4inches in diameter.
  • Remove all garland, tinsel, and ornaments.
  • No flocked or imitation trees/wreaths or other debris is accepted.
  • Limit 1 tree and wreath per household.
  • Do not block containers for collection.


  • Missed collection: Contact Waste Management at 253-939-9792 within 24 hours.
  • Questions on guidelines: Call City of Auburn Utilities 253-931-3038 or email [email protected].

Funding for this event provided by a Department of Ecology Local Waste Financial Assistance Grant, King County Waste Reduction and Recycling Grant, and City of Auburn Solid Waste & Recycling.

Expanded Polystyrene (Styrofoam) Collection Event

*** January 8, 2022 EVENT CANCELLED per Safeway ***

Alternate location for polystyrene recycling:  StyroRecycle (Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM).


  • Look for the #6 or EPS symbol. 
  • Clean & dry material ONLY, free of tape and labels.
  • Expanded polystyrene blocks (Styrofoam), takeout containers, polyethylene blocks, shipping coolers, Styrofoam sheets, packing peanuts (bagged or boxed separately).
  • What is accepted? What is not accepted? Flyer (PDF)

QUESTIONS? Call City of Auburn Utilities 253-931-3038 or email [email protected]

Funding for this event provided by a King County Waste Reduction and Recycling Grant, City of Auburn Solid Waste & Recycling and Safeway/Albertsons.

King County Repair Events

The King County EcoConsumer public outreach program has launched repair groups and events in King County, where people can bring small household items and clothing. Our experienced all-purpose fixers and sewing fixers will work on them, and can help you learn repair too.

Each repair event or group will operate differently, based on the needs of the local community. They might meet only once or twice, or continue meeting every two or three months.

For more information, visit the King County EcoConsumer webpage.  

South King County Tool Library

Tool libraries directly reduce unnecessary consumption. Instead of buying a tool that you use perhaps once a year - such as a pressure washer, table saw or posthole digger - you borrow it!

The South King Tool Library provides equal access to tools and training in order to help maintain neighborhoods, build community and reduce unnecessary consumption. We welcome new members, volunteers and donations. A tool library operates much like a traditional library, allowing borrowers to check out tools and equipment to care for their homes, yards, gardens and more.

Visit South King County Tool Library or Facebook for more information.  

Recycle your used cooking oils & fats for FREE!

Auburn residents can participate in a waste-to-energy program that recycles their used fryer and cooking oil into low carbon biodiesel - and its FREE! Last year the City of Auburn partnered with General Biodiesel to provide residents with a safe, environmentally-friendly way to dispose of used cooking oil and grease. In 2015, 715 gallons of used cooking oil was collected!

If you're like many others, you've probably wondered what to do with your leftover cooking oil. Does it go in the garbage? No. Recycling? No. Yard/food waste? Nope! And it definitely should not go down kitchen drains as this leads to clogs and costly maintenance for homeowners.

Where do you take your oil? The drop-off station (open 24/7) is located at Les Gove Park, 910 9th ST SE, Auburn - just south of the water spray playground. Look for the cooking oil banner hanging on the fence and the black collection tank marked GENERAL BIODIESEL. Be sure to take your transport containers with you and leave nothing behind (except your cooking oil in the tank!), so we can continue to offer this service for FREE to our residents. There are no restrictions on the amount you can bring to recycle.

Tips for transporting used cooking oil:

Please store your cool, used cooking oil in a clear, plastic jug with a secure lid and that is easy to pour from into the large collection container. Only used cooking oil will be accepted at the collection containers.

For more information on how to recycle other liquids, like paint and motor oil, please visit:


Call the City of Auburn Utilities Department at 253-931-3038 or email [email protected]