Measles Information
Measles Information
Posted on 02/01/2019
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Local public health officials have confirmed measles in a King County man and several dozen individuals in Clark County.

Most people have immunity through immunization, but if you have not been vaccinated or have not had the measles, you may be at risk if you were at a location of potential measles exposure.

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Measles is highly contagious, and can be serious, especially for young children. Measles is easily spread when an infected person breathes, coughs, or sneezes. Almost everyone who has not had the vaccine will get measles if they are exposed to the measles virus. 

Most people in our area have immunity to the measles through vaccination, so the risk to the general public is low. However, anyone who was in the locations of potential exposure to measles around the times listed below should:

  • Find out if they have been vaccinated for measles or have had measles previously, and 

  • Call a health care provider promptly if they develop an illness with fever or illness with an unexplained rash between January 16 and February 6, 2019. To avoid possibly spreading measles to other patients, do not go to a clinic or hospital without calling first to tell them you want to be evaluated for measles.

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