Permits, Licenses, & Inspections

Please use the Business License Renewal page for a Business License.
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Many activities in Auburn require permits or licenses, such as construction, land use and right of way use for a special event.

PDF forms for other commonly required permits or licenses are provided below. PDF forms should be submitted in person at the Customer Service Center (1 E Main ST Second Floor) and paid for at time of submission.
A broader list of City forms can be found on the Forms page.
If you do not find the information you're looking for or have further questions, call 253-931-3090 or email the Permit Center.

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Name Requirement Application Additional Details

Business License

All businesses operating within the city limits are required to have a current business license

Applying for a Business License

Business License Application Forms

Inspection may be required.

Rental Housing License The City requires a rental housing business license for anyone renting a unit, either single-family residential or multi-family residential. Apply for license

Multi-family Manager Training Program
For more information or to register, please visit

Pet License

All dogs and cats are required to be licensed

Apply for license

Permits must be renewed annually.


Right of Way Permits
These permits are used when there will be an activity or object placed in the right-of-way
(such as a street or sidewalk.)


Special Event Permit For Special Events such as festivals; celebrations; parades; and more. More information and Application If you are planning a special event that will require the use of public property and affects the ordinary use of public streets, right-of-ways, trails or sidewalks and/or may require additional city services than would normally be provided you may need a special event permit.

Right of Way Use Permit

Type B Permits are for short term use of the right of way for less than 30 days. Type C Permits are for long term use of the right of way from 30 days to five years

More information and Application (PDF)

If the use involves downtown, community impacts, full street closures or uses with policy implications it shall require the Public Works Committee approval.

Banner Permit

Street banners of a non-political nature, advertising civic events and sponsored by a non-profit organization may be installed at a pre-designated location within the 200 block of East Main Street for a period not to exceed 14-days in duration.

More information and Application (PDF)

Banner must be approved for content by City officials.

Block Party Permit

If you intend to have a neighborhood block party, and want to use the street, you will need to submit a ROW Use Permit for Block Parties application.

More information and Application (PDF)

The application requirements include obtaining insurance and having all neighbors sign a petition approving the street closure.

Construction Permit

Construction permits are required for a variety of activities that occur in the public right-of-way, usually associated with construction activity.

More information and Application (PDF)

Applications for construction permits shall be accompanied by drawings, plans, specifications, performance bond valued at 125 percent of the estimated cost of work including landscape and restoration work anticipated, and a brief narrative description of the project scope in sufficient detail.

Right-of-Way Vacation

Right-of-Way/Street Vacations are the process by which the City vacates ownership of public right-of-way. This typically occurs in a situation where the City is not using, and never intends to use, a segment of right-of-way.

More information (PDF)

Applicants may wish to meet with City staff in advance of submitting a request for a street vacation in order to learn more about the process.

Memorial Sign Permit

Memorial signs provide friends and relatives of persons fatally injured in accidents with the opportunity to memorialize them by sponsoring a memorial sign to be erected near the scene of the accident in a safe and consistent manner and combat impaired driving and increase the public's awareness of the need to drive safely and responsibly.

More information and Application (PDF)

Approval of City officials required.

Temporary Haul Permit

Permits are required for haul routes that include over height (14'), over length (40'), over width (8'6"), or over weight (20,000 pounds per axle) vehicles. Haul Permits take a minimum of 5 business days to process.

More information and Application (PDF)

The applicant must provide a copy of any state approved haul permit for the move, a map of the proposed haul route, as well as indication of the height, width, length, total weight, and number of axles of the vehicle(s) moving the load.


Building Permits


Residential Permit

Residential applications require two sets of plans, four copies of a site plan, and the appropriate application forms.

Apply for permit (PDF)

Inspection required

Commercial Permit

For new commercial construction, additions, and remodels

Apply for permit (PDF)

Inspection required

Electrical Permit

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries issues all electrical permits for properties located within Auburn city limits.

More information call 206-835-1000

Inspection required

Septic Tank Permit

An approval from the Seattle King County Department of Public Health is required for any new residence that will be served by septic, and for most changes to existing residences currently served by septic systems.

More information call 206-296-4932

Inspection required

Fire Code Permit

For commercial hood systems, fire sprinklers, fire alarm systems, fuel storage and spray booth requirements

Apply for permit (PDF)

Inspection required

Mechanical Permit

For duct installation, refrigeration pipe-piping, rough gas pipe, rough mechanical and underground gas pipes

Apply for permit (PDF)

Inspection required

Plumbing Permit

For backflow, rough medical gas, rough medical vacuum, rough plumbing, underground plumbing and water service

Apply for permit (PDF)

Inspection required